Remember the days when the sound of dial-up was music to our ears? We’d get excited watching AOL boot up even though there was barely any content online. Now we all just Google our questions and log onto our social media like NBD. There’s no doubt the conveniences that the Internet brings are great, but as new mothers know, we can’t imagine unleashing the entirety of the Internet onto our kids. We could manually block certain sites, but ain’t nobody got time to be weeding through the entire World Wide Web. That’s why Kidokey did it for us.


Kidokey is a WiFi router that connects to your main router at home. But with Kidokey you can manage the amount of time your child spends on the web, what websites they can and cannot browse and what apps they are allowed to use. There’s even a special setting for homework time where their Internet is limited to only educational websites.

The teams at Kidokey have already gone the extra mile by combing through a database of websites on the Internet to find out which sites are kid-appropriate and which aren’t. You may not believe it, but the Kidokey team did not use a computer program to find all kid-appropriate sites: They weeded through the Internet by hand.


As your child gets older, you can change the age settings, which will open up more age-appropriate content. If there ever comes a time when your child needs to use a certain site that has been blocked, they can ask for permission to access the site and you can grant or deny it through the parental dashboard.

Because maintaining a constant wide database of kid-friendly websites requires a lot of work, there is a yearly fee of $25 in addition to purchasing a Kidokey box, which really is a small price to pay for someone willing to go through THE ENTIRE INTERNET.

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