If you talk to any new parent, 鈥sleeping like a baby鈥 is聽a laughable expression. Since even getting six hours of sleep is damaging聽to your health, many parents are left craving naps at work. It turns out that getting a good night鈥檚 sleep might be just as important for聽little ones as it is for聽mom and dad.聽A new Australian聽study聽published in the British Journal of Educational Psychology聽found that kids who have trouble staying down for the night聽also struggle to control themselves in the classroom. But kids that sooth themselves back to sleep have聽fewer tantrums in preschool and beyond.


Queensland University of Technology researchers monitored the sleep behavior of 2,880 newborns for over six years. Babies that couldn鈥檛 settle down, or exhibited 鈥渆scalating behavioral sleep problems,鈥 throughout their young lives also experienced hyperactivity, poor self-control and tantrums 鈥 often at school.

It can be heartbreaking to leave your upset toddler to get back to sleep on their own. If you can鈥檛 get past all the tears, know it鈥檚 for their own good. 鈥淚f these sleep issues aren鈥檛 resolved by the time children are five years old, than they are at risk of poorer adjustment to school,鈥 Dr. Kate Williams from the university鈥檚 Faculty of Education for School of Early Childhood said in a news release. That means a certain future of behavior-related parent-teacher conferences. And that鈥檚 worth crying over.

So if you want to raise well-adjusted kiddos, follow Williams鈥 advice: Stop your bad sleeping habits with your child, like lying down with them all the time聽and letting them into your bed. 鈥淚t鈥檚 really important to give children a sense of skill so they can do these things themselves,鈥 she said.

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