Long, long ago (in the ’30s, to be a little more precise), a Pittsburgh factory had a problem on its hands. What do you do with a molasses surplus? The result was a patent on dehydrated flour and the humble, gingerbread beginnings of an American pantry staple: the cake mix. Fast forward to the present, and you probably fall somewhere between adoring the just-add-eggs-and-oil convenience of box mixes and scorning them like a stalwart, make-it-from-recipe maven. For those that fall on the less sunny side of that scale, it can feel like the confines of a cardboard box branded by Betty Crocker can stifle a baker’s creative power. Don’t let yourself be boxed in by what comes in the box. Instead, use what comes in one of our kits, upgrade with your own twist and create something totally you.


1. Buy This: Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit ($18): Warm, fresh-out-of the oven cookies are a must for a girls’ night or solo Netflix marathons (or really, who needs a formal occasion?) Tweak this cookie kit for a quick fix.

Make This:

— Cocoa powder + white chocolate chips = the chocolate trifecta.

— Raisins + oatmeal = a classic that’ll rival grandma’s secret recipe.

— Pumpkin pie spice + pumpkin puree = the best damn dessert you’ll munch on all autumn.


2. Buy This: Beer Brewing Kits ($45+): When you want to get into a new hobby, you have to develop your skills somehow. Becoming a home-brew queen can be tough, not because making your own beer is hard, but because the gear can be hard to come by. Our kit provides all the necessities for your brewing dreams to take flight.

Make This:

Irish stout kit + cold-brew coffee = a deep and roasty coffee stout.

Everyday IPA kit + habanero peppers = a hot libation sure to get your party started.

— Cool name + personal, hand-stamped logo + amber beer bottles = the coolest six-pack you’ll put in your fridge all year.

Watercolor Gold Leaf Cake Kit

3. Buy This: Water Color Gold Leaf Cake Kit ($34): Have your cake and decorate it too! This kit has a lot of creative wiggle room, so find your favorite cake recipe, get baking and start designing your final product.

Make This:

— Card stock + X-acto knife = knock-out stencils for gorgeous, painted cake designs.

— Additional colors + family pictures = gold-framed edible portraits of your loved ones.

— DIY cake topper + edible glitter = a totally over-the-top (in the best way possible) cake.

Body Butter Kit

4. Buy This: Body Butter Kit ($40): Winter is coming! That means your skin needs a little extra TLC, so show your bod some love with a little body butter made by you. Start with the coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba oil in this super useful kit, then tinker to your heart’s (and skin’s) content.

Make This:

— Geranium + lavender + citronella essential oils = homemade mosquito repellent that isn’t sticky or smelly.

— Sugar + vanilla extract = yummy lip sugar scrub.

— Peppermint + eucalyptus essential oils = muscle-soothing lotion.

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