Not only are Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard one of THE cutest couples in Hollywood, but they also have hearts of gold. This holiday season, the pair has teamed up with Omaze (a donation site which offers people a chance at once-in-a-lifetime experiences for a charity donation of $10), to offer fans a shot at an exclusive invite to a double date game night hosted at their house. Eee!

Just picture this: 鈥淵ou and a friend [(or spouse鈥 or Tinder date)鈥 will be flown out to聽LA],鈥 where you鈥檒l be set up in a four-star hotel before joining the hilarious duo for a holiday-themed game night full of 鈥渇reshly baked cookies, hot cocoa with those little marshmallows and, of course, matching holiday sweaters.鈥 Umm, yes, please!

And that鈥檚 not all! As the guest of honor, you鈥檒l also be able to pick the game of the evening, but there is a caveat. 鈥淭he game can be anything!鈥 declares your potential future hostess in the couple鈥檚 promo vid, with hubby Shepard agreeing, 鈥淎bsolutely! We鈥檙e really flexible, we love games, we have no preference.鈥 鈥淲e could play鈥 Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Risk, Mouse Trap, Battleship, Backgammon, Settlers of Catan, Pictionary, you choose, Candy Land, Settlers of Catan鈥 Settlers of Catan鈥 but really, it鈥檚 up to you. So long as you pick Settlers of Catan鈥 (as you may recall, the fun-loving company has a history with the game: They even played it after returning home from the Golden Globes this year).

To enter for your chance to win, all you have to do is donate a minimum of $10 (which will get you 100 entries into the contest and higher donations receiving even more) to benefit Opening Act, which, as Bell explains, is a unique theater program that 鈥減rovides students attending New York City鈥檚 most under-served schools with the tools they need to succeed.鈥

Find all the deets on the contest here.

Best of luck!

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(Photos via Rich Fury/Getty)