If you haven’t realized it yet, La Croix Sparkling Water is taking over your drinks. From mocktails to cocktails, these insanely yummy sips pretty much go great with *almost* any flavor. But now it’s time to take these La Croix flavors to a different level by adding them to your favorite summer cool-down treat. Yes, we’re talking about popsicles! These are NOT your average ice cream truck popsicles, however. These guys burst with crazy delicious fruit flavors and a hint of bubbles. So buckle up and behold the latest summer food craze with these five La Croix fruity popsicles.

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1. Sparkling Fruit Pops: Pops with lots of fruit in them make for a downright delicious dessert. Make these bubbly treats for a hot afternoon by the pool or a picnic in the park. (via Zoku Home)

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2. Fiesta Frozen Shirley Temple With Cherry Popsicle: Bring out your inner kid with this insanely yummy pop. Boasting that cherry flavor you love, they’ll leave you and your #girlsquad wanting more. (via Whipperberry)

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3. Strawberry Mojito Pops: Your next pool party would not be complete without these bad boys. Give your guests an adult treat that will keep them cool in the sun. Pro tip: Make two batches, one with rum and one without, so that anyone who doesn’t quite make the age limit can enjoy them too. (via Desiree Hartsock)


4. Red, White and Blueberry Popsicles: It’s time to beat the heat with these patriotic pops. Combine all your favorite berries and a little sparkling water and — VOILA! — a tasty treat. (via According to Laura Jean)

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5. Pink Grapefruit Cantaloupe Popsicles: This recipe is almost *too easy* to be true. Just pour your favorite La Croix flavor into your popsicle molds, and a few hours later you’ll have the perfect pop. (via Take A Megabite)

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