Even if you’re technically not going back to school, the end of summer marks a new beginning. Not only is it a time to get organized, but it’s also a time to buy new stuff. Whether you’re eyeing a new pair of jeans, a new handbag or a chic pair of boots, don’t forget about giving your lovely laptop a fall makeover, too. After you select a pretty desktop background and DIY a killer case, check out these 11 cool computer skins that’ll give your tech a whole new look.

1. Colorful Mountains ($30): This decal features bright and colorful, geometric shapes that remind us of mountains. This would also make a pretty stellar wall decal!

2. Burst Decal ($13): If you’re a fan of optical illusions, this black and white skin will definitely strike your fancy.

3. Rainbow Logo ($3): Kick it old school with this rainbow decal.

4. Painterly Skin ($20): This artsy skin looks like you used your MacBook as a paint palette — and we just love it!

5. Pineapple Party ($30): It’s no secret that pineapples ruled the summer. Take it one step further with this sweet decal that is sure to satisfy your fresh fruity craving all year long.

6. Watercolor World Map ($30): Surf the world wide web while your comp sports a world wide map. We love the fluid hues of this artsy print and wouldn’t mind plastering it on every piece of tech we own.

7. Fashion Face ($10): Glam girl? Give your laptop a fashionable makeover with a bright red pout and some chic sunnies.

8. Watercolor Palette ($30): Remember these? They may have been your favorite Crayola product back in the day (ahem — now), but if you get a hold of this pretty skin, you can stare at the colorful palette all day long.

9. Picture This Laptop Skin ($30): We’re in love with the bohemian feel of this collaged camera skin. Even if you’re not a photographer, we’re certain you can appreciate the beauty of this eclectic decal.

10. Colorful Zigzags ($20): Chevrons are always a good idea, especially when they bring this much color into your life.

11. Gold Glitter ($30): The only thing better than actual glitter is a photo of glitter. No mess and lots of sparkle!

Which laptop skin do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments!