The laundry room is never just a laundry room. It’s a place to store cleaning supplies, often doubles as a pantry, turns into a dog washing station every now and then and, oh, did we mention it’s usually the size of a small closet? Organizing your laundry room and decorating the multi-tasking space is not exactly the most exciting project on your home wish list, but there’s no reason it can’t be a pretty space. Scroll down to see 13 gorgeous laundry room makeovers and get some inspiration on how to bring a little joy – or at least a lot more color – into your space.


1. Polka Dot Machines: For the renters who can’t paint their walls or for the pattern-loving lady, washi tape is the key to a quick and easy makeover that barely costs you anything. Use baskets to keep things like paper towels organized, and add a sassy wall print that’ll make you smile while you fold clothes. (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. Ceiling Decor: Not all of us can afford new cabinetry or a new paint job for our laundry makeover. If you’re looking to spruce things up for minimal dollars spent, try just painting the ceiling or laying down a temporary wallpaper. (via Whats Ur Home Story)


3. Rustic Modern Laundry Room: Yes, you can fold clothes on top of your washer and dryer, but adding a wooden shelf over both machines makes the space feel far more stylish. A tile backsplash and lots of natural wood brings the whole space together and turns the laundry room into one you actually might want to spend time in. (via Vintage Revivals)


4. Green and Gorgeous: If you’re dealing with a laundry room the size of a closet, take a cue from this makeover and bring your storage game to the next level. Utilize vertical shelves and pick brightly colored storage boxes over plain plastic ones. We love the addition of mini artwork above the machines too. Just because it’s a laundry room, doesn’t mean you can’t add a little gallery! (via blue i style)


5. Super Easy Industrial Shelving: No built-in cabinets? Not a problem. Build your own shelves and make the space work for you. Keep baskets on the very top shelf and underneath to take advantage of every square inch. Add a pretty pendant light, and you’ve got a laundry room worthy of your time. (via Tatertots and Jello)


6. Laundry Nook: This isn’t so much a laundry room as a space in the hallway where the washing machine and dryer happen to live. If you can stack your machines, do it, and add a rolling storage cart that can hold laundry detergent, fabric softener and other laundry essentials. (via Dwell Beautiful)


7. DIY Sliding Door: Anyone else have a choreography dance where you can only open the washing machine and dryer doors in a certain order to avoid a collision? If you’ve got space issues, try switching out the door for a sliding one that won’t interfere with the clothes transfer. (via Houseologie)


8. Pantone Pastels: We spy a killer combo of Pantone’s 2016 pastel colors in this laundry room. In a tiny room, throwing some color up on the walls and on the floor really makes the mood a little brighter. The adorable mini chandelier doesn’t hurt either. (via Love of Family and Home)


9. Cheery Yellow Accents: Sometimes the only thing you need to makeover your laundry room is to add some color, make it look pretty and find a place to store all the usual “junk” that accumulates in that room. Try swapping out the ugly detergent containers for glass jars with labels and fabric lined baskets that help “hide” things. (via Lil’ Luna)


10. Mint Green Cabinets: Okay, this one might be more along the lines of dream territory, but this light and bright space really shows what a difference the right color makes. We also love the idea of rolling laundry baskets to make the chores just a little bit easier on you. (via Ashley Winn Design)


11. Fresh and Modern: This lovely makeover took advantage of an unused space in the basement to create an amazing laundry room. Even though there are no windows, with enough light fixtures and a bright, neutral color palette, this space doesn’t scream “basement” at all. (via Jenna Sue Design Co.)


12. Shades of Blue: In a room the size of a hallway, a blue ombre wall worked wonders to help expand this space. Put items like bleach pens and clothespins in pretty storage jars where they’re easily accessible but hidden. (via Bowerpower)


13. Pattern Play: This little space has got it going on! From the bold pendant light to the pretty peacock wallpaper and a bold nautical striped floor, this laundry room knows how to rock the patterns. You might not think open shelving is a good option in a laundry room, but it helps make a small space feel more open and gives you an excuse to show off your pretty new detergent jars. (via View Along the Way)

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