Lauren Bushnell was very open about her heartbreak following her breakup with former Bachelor Ben Higgins. But in the time since, she has moved on with a new man, Devin Antin. And unlike her last relationship, this one began away from the glare of reality TV cameras — on Tinder.

“So, two years ago we met on Tinder. Yes, Tinder,” Bushnell revealed during a Q&A session with her fans on Instagram.

“I don’t think I’ve shared before, but I only met up with one person from the app and it was him,” she continued. (It certainly sounds like the app did its job. Bravo, Tinder!)

The two matched before Bushnell met Higgins, but their relationship didn’t get romantic until after the Bachelor stars broke off their engagement. “We hung out for a while, but more as friends, but always got along really well. Fast forward two years later. When I moved back to LA, we hung out to catch up and things just kinda happened after that,” she explained.

She added that she loves “his laugh, how much fun I have when I’m with him, and how much I can be myself —everything about him, honestly.”

That said, she’s taking her time with this relationship. “I’ve learned a lot of things in the last couple years, and this is a big one,” she said, stating simply, “Marriage is such a special and sacred thing that should never be rushed.”

Let’s hope Bushnell enjoys every moment of her new romance.

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(photo via Jeff Schear/Getty Images for McDonald’s)