After a horrendous and jaw-droppingly sexist interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca became an instant icon for millennial women. She’s the author of Teen Vogue’s most viral story ever, “Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America” and she remained brave, defiant, and vocal while Carlson attempted to degrade her ability to cover both political and lifestyle topics.

Well, if you were both appalled and empowered by that interview, you’ll be happy to know that Lauren Duca isn’t going anywhere. During a panel at the Women in the World Summit on Friday morning, Teen Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Elaine Welteroth told the audience, “I would like to announce that [after] this dramatic interaction that happened on a world stage, we are actually launching a political show on called ‘Thigh High Politics.'” Duca confirms that the series is in early stages of development.

If you haven’t seen the interview, watch it now. It’s a prime example of the blatant sexism women still face in 2017. It’s also a prime example of how to fight back. Duca was on Carlson’s show to discuss the incident in which Ivanka was harassed on a Jet Blue flight back in December. But it didn’t take long for Tucker to attempt to discredit Duca on air purely because she writes for Teen Vogue.

In the 10-minute interview, he calls her “moronic” and also makes sure to share that Duca has also recently written about Liam Payne and Ariana Grande, alluding to the fact that this makes her inept to intelligently discuss Trump and political matters. To this blow, Duca boldly tells Carlson, “A woman can love Ariana Grande and her thigh-high boots and still discuss politics.” Carlson wraps the interview by telling Duca, “You should stick to the thigh-high boots, you’re better at that.” And with that, a million angry women took to Twitter to praise Duca and put Carlson on blast.

She went on to share that the show will include Lauren Duca (because how could it not), as well as Phillip Picardi, the digital editorial director at TV and the entire digital editorial team. That’s all the news she shared for now, but you can bet we’ll be turning on a “thigh high politics” Google alert ASAP.

If you’re eager to get more of Duca’s take on politics before she gets behind the camera, be sure to check out her op-ed column for Teen Vogue that goes by the same name. Here, she discusses everything from Trump’s tax returns to insight on his treatment of the media.

Lauren Duca, we’re HERE. FOR. YOU. And you can bet we’ll be watching. TBD if Tucker Carlson will.

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