Just a friendly reminder to all of you who woke up wondering which June weekend Father’s Day falls on — it’s this one. As in, two days away. And since we all know you’re a stellar kiddo (just incredibly busy between working + making!) we’re sharing a perfect DIY basic that you can whip up for your #1 dude in time for Sunday. This picture frame hack has got all the elements of a dad-approved gift: The manly materials like leather + dark wood-grain finish make it a perfect gift for any man cave ;) Fill it with a fun memory and your dad won’t even realize that it took less than 5 minutes to do! Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Now get making!


– frame

– leather

– nails


– hot glue gun

– hammer

– scissors


1. Cut strips of leather that fit the size of your frame.

2. Attach the strips using hot glue. Press flat, trim and use extra glue to fill in any loose spaces.

3. Hammer in some nails to give it an extra manly feel.

Cut leather to fit your frame. Our frame has a lot of space so we chose to do two stripes with varying thickness. You can cut shapes or even your dad’s initials, too!

Attach the strips with hot glue. Trim off extra and glue down any loose ends.

Add some nails for a more manly aesthetic. Pro tip: Since this is just for looks use the smallest nails possible.

Your dad is going to love this personalized leather touch. Time to add a photo!

Check it out! Fill your frame with a fun memory for your dad this Father’s Day.

Man cave: Tested and approved!

Be honest, is this for your dad or for your new apartment? We don’t judge! We love the leather and think it doesn’t need to be in a man cave. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!