Beer pong champions of the world, your life is about to be revolutionized. This DIY beer pong table takes a normal house-party drinking game and turns it into a complete party centerpiece. Seriously, think Solo cup meets Atari and get ready to be entertained. And it’s called Infinity Music Party Table.

pong 2

This beer lover’s delight has light-up graphics and can even spell out words to keep you motivated… or really, really dizzy while you try win your sudsy title. The lights aren’t just bling, though. They actually keep score for you. Magnetic sensors know when you move a cup.

pong 7

The best part? It can clean the ball for you. It’s everything you want, plus some of that stuff a lot of us have been worried about for a long time.

pong 1

The table has 15 different color settings, it lights up the dance floor and it’s Bluetooth compatible. It also senses sound, meaning your table will sync up to the music. We could have a lot of fun with this table mirroring all that Katy Perry karaoke in the background.

pong 3
pong 4

While we might not have space to house this table in our tiny little apartments, we can safely say we would wait in a very long line to get our turn to experience the next level of beer pong. But if you do have the space, check out their Kickstarter. For $105, you can get the full DIY kit. A fully assembled table will run you $2,250.

Do you have a tech-savvy friend who would set this up for you? Let us know who you elect in the comments below