We thought the whole crazy contouring trend would stop at the neck and ears… and THEN we learned about hair contouring. Now, the unbelievable: leg contouring. Makeup artist Meri shared a video of herself contouring her legs, and then beauty vlogger Huda Kattan reposted the video and it went viral.

Using a brush, Meri paints positioned lines on the legs, and then fills them in with highlighter. Now the end result is pretty impressive, as it gives the appearance of toned, sculpted tan legs, but the process is pretty weird — read: You’re putting dark makeup ALL OVER YOUR LEGS. We’re wondering if you can sit on anything except brown furniture once you finish.

As you can imagine, the reactions have been a bit mixed. Lori Leib, creative director at Bodyography Professional Cosmetics, told New Beauty, “I am all for spray-tanning and lunges to keep our legs looking lean and mean for summer, but this is taking it a little bit too far. All in all, I would suggest a body bronzer or tinted moisturizer to give your legs a flawless look — this is just too much work!” She does make a good point. Bronzer would probably achieve a similar look, or you could try to get a natural tan and do more leg workouts.

Plus, think of how long this will take you. These are your legs!

leg contouring

So why does the contouring craze continue to thrive? Amy Chance, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist, told Allure Magazine, “I call it the Kardashian effect. You can’t flip open a magazine, log on to the Internet, or turn on your TV without seeing a Kardashian doing normal things, like shopping, carrying a baby or walking out of the gym, with a fully contoured face of makeup, looking like perfection.” She says she is constantly asked for contouring. “Seriously, I can be doing the most natural, no-makeup makeup imaginable and still be asked for cheek sculpting,” she says. Plus, she believes that because these tutorials have made it so attainable that that also makes it appealing.

Looks like the contouring craze isn’t ending any time soon.

Would you contour your legs? Tell us what your daily makeup routine looks like in the comments below.

(Photos: iStock/via @MakeupByMeri)