It is incredibly easy to get wrapped up in the busy shuffle of the holiday season, but sitting down and making something special with your kiddos is one thing that shouldn’t get pushed to the bottom of your list. Find a project they’ll love by using one of their favorite materials (like LEGOs) to pique their interest. You can even use the whole thing as a base for explaining the meaning behind the particular holiday your family celebrates to add a little enrichment to the project. The memories you create will last long after the LEGOs are broken up and returned to the box. Settle in with some cocoa and holiday tunes — you and your kid will love making these 14 holiday LEGO projects together.


1. Snow Globe: Clean out a spare glass jar and grab your favorite LEGO character. Superglue a plain LEGO to the inside of the lid and connect the figurine on top. Doing it this way (vs. gluing the whole thing together) means you can remove the figurine after the holidays if you can’t bear to part with it until next year. Fill the jar with water and sprinkle in a tablespoon of silver glitter. Now, just shake and enjoy! (via Minieco)


2. Santa Brick: Build a jolly Santa face right on one of your big LEGO boards. He makes a great greeter for all your holiday company and won’t eat a single one of your cookies. Basically, he’s the perfect houseguest. (via @powerpig)


3. Gingerbread House: If getting covered in frosting and sprinkles isn’t your idea of a good time but you still want to build a gingerbread house, then make one out of LEGOs instead. The step-by-step instructions take out all the guesswork — and you won’t turn into the grinch by the end of the project. (via Chris McVeigh)


4. Holiday Train: Spruce up your model train with a stack of LEGO presents. This would look so cute around the base of your tree, and your kids will love helping you decorate the house (even if they are just trying to secure their spot on the nice list). (via Galaktek)


5. Rudolph: Corral all the pieces to make this reindeer and put them in a small cellophane bag for a quick present sure to entertain even the youngest builder. These are also perfect for holiday parties when the kids have to wait until the end to open presents. (via Frugal Fun for Boys)


6. Dreidels: Pull out all your LEGO odds and ends to create your own pocket-sized dreidel that is just right for impromptu games. Add the traditional hebrew letters (nun, gimmel, hey and shin) with round stickers and a sharpie marker. Get spinning! (via Bible Belt Balabusta)


7. Christmas Tree: This LEGO tree is a great alternative to a real Christmas tree in your kids’ room. Follow the in-depth tutorial for guaranteed success or just wing it. You’ll be creating treasured memories with your kids either way. (via Chris McVeigh)


8. Snowflake: Gather up all your blue and white LEGOs and assemble them into adorable snowflakes. And since no two snowflakes are the same, there is no wrong way to put these together. Make a dozen of them and string them up in your living room window to transform your space into a LEGO wonderland. (via Mariann Asanuma)


9. Menorah ($25): Buy this awesome menorah or build a version of it with your own blocks and small candleholders. Either way, this colorful creation will definitely become a focal point in your decor, and you’ll look forward to pulling it out year after year.


10. Ornament: This geometric ornament is the perfect addition to your Christmas tree. Detailed instructions will help you along the way, but don’t be afraid to change things up as you see fit in the process. Make a few ornaments in different colors and deck out a small tabletop tree for a centerpiece that will have all your friends running out to buy a case of LEGOs for themselves. (via @powerpig)


11. Candy Cane: A striped candy cane is super easy to make with a handful of red and white LEGOs. This is a project even a novice LEGOmaniac can handle building. Sandwich a small piece of thread under the top block for an instant ornament. (via Rust and Sunshine)


12. Santa Claus: Snap together your favorite white-bearded man with layers of red, white and black pieces. Put old St. Nick in a prime location so you can remind your kids that he is watching all month long. You’ll get a cute decoration and well-behaved kids at the same time. It’s a total win-win. (via Kickcan and Conkers)


13. Snow Globe Ornaments: Next time you’re at the craft store, pick up a few clear ornaments to make this spin on the classic snow globe. Attach your LEGO pieces with glue dots so you can change out the contents as often as you like. These also make great gifts for the tiny LEGO lovers on your Christmas list. (via A Golden Afternoon)


14. Advent Calendar: Create a grand advent calendar to count down to the holidays. Label the smaller blocks with stickers and move your Santa figurine to the next one each morning. This is one cool piece of decor that you and your little one will be proud to show off. (via Frugal Fun for Boys)

Will you make any of these LEGO creations this holiday season? Snap a pic and #britstagram it so we can see the finished product!