Happy Friday! Re:Make is ONE WEEK away, y’all! And if you live in SF (or happen to be visiting next weekend), we best be seeing you at Fort Mason. Get all the deets right here. Now, onto 11 things that made us look, laugh and raise our eyebrows this week.

1. “If You Work” Wall Art ($44): For those late nights when you’re hustling and all you really want to do is cuddle up with a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

2. Lisa Frank on Lisa Frank: Foundations Magazine recently sat down with our ’90s idol Lisa Frank to chat about creativity, the struggles of commercial art and her idols. The full Q+A is definitely worth a read, but until you have time for that, here are two of our favorite quotes from interview:

“I feel like I’m fortunate enough to live my passion. I don’t need to work and on a bad day I want to throw in the towel. In five years I’ve probably quit 500 times. My true passion is art so I don’t want to just put trash out there. If it’s junk I won’t put my name on it. There’s a big commitment to making beautiful quality work or else I really don’t want to be involved. I mean, yes, it’s a business but it’s more important that the art is beautiful.”

“Also believe it or not, the consumers with less money have a keener eye than the ones with more. Consumers with less money only have so much to spend. For this reason they are critical and want to buy the best of the best. I’ve always appealed to the masses because, I felt so lucky to grow up in a beautiful world, and believe just because someone has less money, why should they not be offered the best of the best, as well?”

3. Mara Hoffman Sportswear: Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to bid adieu to our favorite swimsuit designer. Give your workout wear an ultra-patterned update with this new technicolor addition to her line.

4. Are #Mankles a Thing?: Short answer: yes. Cropped pants have been a thing for a long time in the ladies department, but it looks like the boy’s are also starting to embrace the shorter pant style. Oh my, how scandalous! (Photo via @bothrops1)

5. DIY Watercolor Notebooks: Head back to school in style by transforming a basic notebook into a watercolor masterpiece. If anything is going to make that three-hour history class a little more exciting it’s probably going to be this.

6. End of Summer Crop Tops FTW: Fall may be very much on its way (you can get a PSL today, people!), but this is one summer look we just can’t seem to part with. Keep the warm weather memories going by making + rocking this super simple crop top. Props if you managed to make it in a pattern as awesome as our popsicle print!

7. Intro to Watercolor ($20): Want to learn how to create some epic watercolor creations? Take new our e-class by self-taught painter and calligrapher Jenna Rainey. Rainey will show you how to build your own color palette, mix colors, create shading, and master shapes and brush strokes to achieve the look you want.

8. President in the Wild: During a recent three-day tour of Alaska, Obama met up with TV host and wilderness expert Bear Grylls for a crash course in survival skills. The two filmed a TV segment that’s scheduled to air later this year. After Obama made it safely back to civilization, he posted this selfie alongside the caption, “Glad this was the only Bear I met in the park.” It’s unclear what sort of outdoor excursions the two got up to, but we do know that there is a petition with nearly 100,000 signatures hoping Bear will make Obama drink his own urine.

9. Geo Prints by A Handcrafted Home ($18 each): Head over to our shop to check out the work of Brittany Castellano, the super talented designer behind, A Handcrafted Home. Castellano’s pieces flawlessly blend textiles and art prints into colorful palettes and patterns that’ll make your home extra happy.

10. Custom Cut-Out Gift Boxes: We teamed up with Sizzix to create two exclusive Brit + Co box designs you can make with the eclips2. What is the eclips2? It’s a DIY electronic cutter that makes super complicated cut-outs a breeze. Check out our tutorial to see how to create these boxes and then come by Re:Make on September 12 here in SF to try it out IRL!

11. How to Skin a Watermelon: This makes us feel weird, but we can’t look away. If you want to give that Labor Day BBQ an April Fool’s spin, check out the tutorial to see how to create this weird hack.

Have a sweet weekend!