Big news! We teamed up with littleBits to create seven exclusive DIY electronic project packs, and we’re psyched to crack them open and get wiring! Each project pack includes beginner-friendly modular bits that snap together with tiny magnets so you can make all kinds of gadgets to add creativity to every occasion. Wanna spice up a dance party like no one’s ever seen? Put a twist on a traditional birthday celebration? Or just tinker with something for your own hacking pleasure? Yeah, us too! That’s just what these project packs are for.

To kick off the collab, we’re showing you how to create an electronic alternative to the classic birthday candle with the littleBits Birthday Candle Project Pack. It comes with seven components, from LEDs to sensors, that snap together to form a light-up candle that you can still blow out, but with a techy twist :)

Too cool, right? It’s a DIY project and party trick in one! Grab a project pack in the Brit + Co. Shop — you won’t find it anywhere else! Now let’s get to making!

Included Materials:
 – power bit

– wire bit

– sound trigger

– latch

– inverter


– battery

Additional Materials:
 – popsicle stick

– rubber band

– tape

– tissue paper

 – scissors

Yes, thats it! No navigating circuit boards and no soldering, just these snappable pieces and a few common household supplies.

First things first, gather your littleBits and arrange them in order: power bit, wire bit, sound trigger, latch, inverter and RGB LED. Grab your wire bit: pull apart the two ends of the wire bit so each end is free to connect with the other bits. Now, it’s time to get snappin’! Attach the “wire out” end of the wire bit to the power bit to get started.

Next, attach the “wire in” end to the sound trigger, latch, inverter and RGB LED. Last but not least, plug the battery pack into the power bit.

Take a good look at your finished circuit and make sure everything’s in order — it should look just like this!

Onto transforming this colorful circuit into a birthday candle! Attach a popsicle stick to the backside of the circuit, securing it with a rubber band.

Go ahead and turn that sucker on! Just flip the small “on/off” switch located on the power bit. To adjust the color of your LED, take out one of those mini purple screwdrivers and adjust the red, blue and green levels on the RGB LED bit.

Here’s where you can put your own personal spin on this festive gadget. Cut out your desired shape from some tissue paper using scissors. We went with a classic flame, but feel free to create your own shapes, numbers or letters! Attach your tissue paper shapes to the LED bit using tape. Oh, and you can also adjust the sensitivity on the sound trigger, to make the candle harder or easier to blow out (sneaky!).

Take a good look at those electronics skills!

To put this candle to use, just stick your littleBits candle into a cake or cupcake, using the exposed popsicle stick end. Then, switch on the candle, using the switch on the power bit.

And now the exciting part! With the candle lit and in position, blow on the sound trigger to blow out the candle! So cool!

Welcome to birthdays of the future… no more trick candles, no more outdoor wind issues, just this bite size LED circuit ready to light up your birthday bash!

Get your own littleBits Birthday Candle Project Pack in the Brit + Co. Shop! And don’t forget to check out the whole family of exclusive project packs, made by littleBits.

So, when’s the next big birthday bash? Stressing to impress the bday guy or gal? This littleBit project pack should do the trick! Tell us how you’d use it in the comments below.