Green walls, or living walls, are a growing (ahem) trend, especially in urban areas where small-space living means you’re not likely to have an outdoor oasis of your own. But for renters (or just people who don’t have a lot of time and energy to invest in building a permanent plant-life-supporting fixture in their homes), it can be tricky to get in on the action. Luckily for plant lovers everywhere, designer Helen Kontouris has created freestanding Botanical by Len plant screens to make your green dreams come true. Trust that even those with “black thumbs” will find it to be user-friendly.

Inspired by the flowering plants in her native Australia, Kontouris’ designs range from organic shapes that mimic the leaves that will grow along with them to the more straightforward wall-like shapes. Each of the five designs (which come in black, white, green, and red) are meant to be used either collectively or individually to create a unique plantscape in any size space.

For those lucky enough to have an outdoor area of their own (jealous!), the botanical screens can be used as a literal wall to divide off sections of a deck or patio.

Indoors, the impact is even greater. Just imagine sipping coffee or cocktails next to this modern topiary every day. Each shape eventually becomes like a piece of living art as the vining plants fill in the open spaces.

Kontouris hopes her screens will be used beyond the home in workspaces, courtyards, and even hospitals to bring a “healing” and “rejuvenating” atmosphere to these everyday spaces.

If you’re on an urban farming kick, Kontouris notes that many veggie varieties, like snow peas, cucumbers, and climbing tomatoes, can also be grown vertically. And because each screen culminates in a single self-watering pot (there’s a clever water reservoir included with each style), they’re easy even for novice gardeners to use.

The screens are currently only available in Australia (via StyleCraft), but you can contact Len Furniture to discuss ordering outside of Australia. Easily adding gorgeous greenery to your home? We give this two green thumbs up.

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(Photos via Stylecraft)