Now that we鈥檙e in the throes of the winter hobbit lifestyle 鈥 warm mugs of coffee, cozy pajama pants and all 鈥 spending a whole day curled up, reading a book sounds like a dream. And if there鈥檚 some swoony romance in that book? Even better. Enter Louise Gornall鈥檚 Under Rose-Tainted Skies, a beautiful and honest story about a snarky girl who falls for her cutie next door neighbor. The only catch? Her agoraphobia and number of other mental illnesses make friendship and falling in love a true Olympic feat. Woof 鈥 and we thought texting was hard!

This week, we鈥檙e chatting with author Louise Gornall about her creative process, her lady heroes and more. Scroll on to meet the brilliant author behind this captivating new novel.

Louise Gornall

Brit +Co: Describe your book in six words or less.

Louise Gornall: A journey, with heart and hope.

B+C: Where/when do you do your best writing?

LG: I like to get all comfy in my bed and write on my phone. It鈥檚 a little unconventional, but I think so much better when it鈥檚 all quiet and dark.

B+C: What鈥檚 your go-to cure for when you鈥檙e stuck in a creativity rut?

LG: I don鈥檛 force it. If I try to make it happen, I usually make it worse. So I guess my go-to is walking away, doing anything and everything else, until inspiration strikes.

B+C: What two lady heroes do you turn to for inspiration, and why?

LG: One of those would have to be my twin sister, Rach. Rach has always been my hero and a huge source of inspiration. She鈥檚 strong, and she doesn鈥檛 let things stop her. She鈥檚 been sick a lot in her life, fought off many many demons, but she still has this solid 鈥済et up and go鈥 attitude, which is infectious.

The second would be Princess Leia and her real-life counterpart, Carrie Fisher. Both RE exceptional examples of women who fought for what they believed in, and never let the odds or naysayers deter them. (Photo via Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris)

B+C: What鈥檚 your latest social media obsession?

LG: My Instagram usually revolves around makeup, hair dyeing and nail painting tutorials. My Twitter is usually about books and fluffy, baby animals, but I do love this one account on Twitter called Very British Problems. It鈥檚 so accurate. It makes me laugh.

B+C: What鈥檚 a book that you think deserves a little more love and recognition?

LG: The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. Kiran鈥檚 prose is just beautiful. I would read anything she writes. Her next book, which isn鈥檛 out yet but I got to have a sneaky peek of, is unlike anything I鈥檝e ever read before.


B+C: What鈥檚 next on your to-read pile?

LG: I鈥檓 currently reading One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus. I was lucky enough to snag an advanced reader copy from the author herself.

B+C: What advice do you have for aspiring creative ladies?

LG: Surround yourself with people who know how hard it is to break into the creative industries. Making a name for yourself in a creative field can be soul destroying, especially when a lot of creativity is born from personal experience and your ideas are being constantly rejected.

I can鈥檛 leave my house, but I connected with fellow writers on Twitter, and they know what it feels like to sit in slush piles, to have that manuscript you spent months/years creating, shot down by everyone who reads it. You need people who are going through the same thing for moral support.

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