After countless swipes to the left and lame text after lame text from the OKCupid “eligible” “bachelor” pool, you’ve finally (FINALLY!) found Him: the super cute dude who you can count on to be your constant brunch companion, your epic couple’s costume mate and your all around No.1. If it feels like sparks are flying, it’s probably true, because that’s what it looks like to fall in love.

In this whizzing infographic, multimedia reporter Lam Thuy Vo visualizes her recent dating history as hurling, color-coded dots. Each represents one of more than 1,300 text messages she exchanged with six different people, and as they bounce around the screen like digital confetti you can see just how much she hit it off with each guy. When texts from The One burst onto the screen, you can’t help but aww imagining all those sent + received heart-shaped emojis.

See what it looks like when sparks fly here.

(h/t Co. Design)

Flapping butterflies, it is not. How would you visualize falling in love? What’s the most inspiring infographic you’ve seen on the web? Tell us in the comments below.