Last week in our Make It Mini video series, we showed you how to make the cutest mini knit hats you’ve ever seen. This week, Make It Mini features an adorable embroidered pin — the perfect holiday accessory or mini wall decor! Whether you decide to hang on a dollhouse wall, pin to yourself or give to a friend, this mini DIY project is sure to inspire plenty of *awwwww’s.* The only supplies needed to make this tiny bit of cuteness is a needle, two colors of thread, a pencil, a mini embroidery frame and plenty of holiday stoke!


First, sketch your desired phrase with a pencil — we chose “Gangsta Wrapper” because… holidays, of course! Next, you thread the needle and carefully follow the letters.


Change colors and finish your second word. Then switch colors back again and add a bow or small flower design to make your embroidery look even more authentic.


Once finished, just knot and clip with scissors. Now you can put your mini frame on your wall or show it off by pinning on your fave jacket for ultimate wearability.


Need a little more DIY direction? Check out the video below for a closer look at knitting a mini pin, and check back next week for another mini maker tutorial!

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