Tim O, a freelance makeup artist based in California @skelotim on Instagram, has been giving a whole new meaning to the term “beauty junkie” with a quirky series of looks he’s creating that are designed specifically to complement his favorite ’90s junk food.

makeup junk food 3

Whether it’s Pop-Tarts, Ruffles or Funyuns, Tim has basically gifted a beauty alter ego to the standard contents of just about every vending machine. If you’re thinking that he probably just slaps some red lips on and calls it a “Hot Cheetos-inspired” look, you are sorely mistaken, friend. In fact, Tim has actually used Hot Cheetos as his muse in the past. That look consisted of yellow liner, sparkling orange and ombréd lips.

makeup junk food 2

When asked how he came up with this offbeat idea, Tim told BuzzFeed, “One day, I was looking at my hot Cheetos bag and said, ‘Damn!’ These colors would look amazing on my face haha. At first, I was so scared, thinking people weren’t gonna get my humor and embrace my fatness but they loved it!” We sure did Tim. We sure did.

makeup junk food 1
makeup junk food 4

What snack do you hope he uses as inspiration next? Share with us on Twitter @britandco.

(Photos via @skelotim)