We’ve all done the double take past a department store window. That dress on the mannequin is THE one. And just when you thought the search was finally over, the hunt to locate that exact same garment on the racks — plus the flawlessly styled accessories to match — is just beginning. But now, in an employee-of-the-century move, mannequins can spill the beans on what they’re wearing thanks to a brand-new smartphone app that makes shopping excursions more streamlined than ever.

Launching today in a trial across several British department stores, the technology from a company called Iconeme outfits shop mannequins with beacons capable of sending alerts to nearby shoppers’ smartphones with a full breakdown of its head-to-toe look. The sartorial SMSs not only pinpoint where the gawkable garment should be located in the store, making chasing down peops with employee name tags officially a thing of the past, but it also dishes how much each item costs. This way, you can save yourself the trouble of digging for that too-perfect moto jacket only to discover it would break your budget.

But the app is also a game changer for those who just can’t even when it comes to stepping foot inside a store. Open the app as you pass that Zara window (‘cause remember, that dress) and it will connect you to the pieces on the retailer’s website so you can add to cart on-the-go. Even share your fashion finds with friends to get the virtual thumbs up or down without having to snap a dressing room selfie. ‘Cause now these smart mannequins are our stand ins/stylists/personal shoppers — whoever once called this set dummies was WAY off.

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(h/t Daily Mail)