If you think Mariah Carey is the kind of diva who regularly denies herself yummy food and trains like crazy to stay in top shape, think again!

Unlike Jennifer Aniston’s diet, which does’t leave a whole lot of room for indulgence (apart from the occasional pasta splurge), Carey’s pre-wedding eating habits are surprisingly chill. OK, so they’ve been disguised as a “strict protein diet”, but take a closer look at what she’s actually eating and, well, it sounds like almost nothing is off limits.

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According to The Daily Mail, Carey is trying to lose at least 20 pounds before she walks down the aisle to marry Australian billionaire James Packer in August. To achieve that, she “is only eating four ounces of grilled chicken, lean beef or one of her favorites, broiled Chilean Sea Bass or grilled shrimp with grilled asparagus.” Wait, that all sounds fantastic…

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The article goes on to reveal that “since Mariah never gets up before 11am, she skips breakfast, but has a smoothie or protein shake by noon. The rest of the day she eats five small portions that include a salad with chicken or grilled salmon, while constantly sipping on Fiji water. She is also eating some of her favorites like baked salmon, chicken salad – with light mayo or mustard – and sushi.” Mayo?! Sushi?! NICE.

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Oh, and there’s more. “Mariah also loves cheese, so sometimes she will have some brie on low fat crackers as a snack.” Plus, she enjoys a glass of red wine every night. You keep doing you, Mariah. #Slay

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