Ever since we first saw the new Ghostbusters trailer back in March, we knew we HAD to see this badass all-female reboot… and not JUST because it’s reuniting hilarious Bridesmaids costars Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. But it seems that some insecure online commenters on the Internet — most of whom happen to be men — do not share our excitement, and take the all-female nature of the film’s release very personally. But the ladies are taking the hate in stride. Hilarious, pitch-perfect stride.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Melissa McCarthy summed the haters up beautifully: “What they don’t say when they’re typing is that one minute after they type [mean trolly Internet comments], their moms are like, ‘Get upstairs and take out the garbage! You’re 45 years old!'” Harsh! But also, fair. We’re glad the ladies aren’t letting the haters spoil their excitement!

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(Featured image via Sony Pictures Entertainment)