Okay, this could get weird. A new startup called Memeoirs (hehe) is offering a service where they print out your most sacred Facebook and email conversations and turn them into a book. Huh.

When we first heard about this we were skeptical but when you go to the website they make it look all cute and stuff with Jamie and Mary’s Long Distance Love Story up top. Okay, fine, Memeoirs, we’ll bite.

Things on the World Wide Web can be fleeting, for sure, but they can also last a lifetime. What is it that the commercial says, one in five relationships now starts online? If you’re one of those people, those first emails or Facebook messages can absolutely be just as touching as Shakespearean scrolls of yesteryear.

Memeoirs offers a way for you to preserve those memories, $40 for paperback and $60 for a hardcover book that you’re the editor of. You tell them who and what conversations you want in the book, when they took place and they take care of the design for you. You could edit around any messages NSF-parents or friends to make a thoughtful read for your boo and future family. Kind of like a baby book for your relationship!

True story, the last two weddings I’ve personally been to have been celebrating couples who met through OKCupid and Tumblr (!!) respectively. And now that I think of it, there are some pretty print-out-able GChat conversations and email strings between me and my (now long distance) besties that would make for cute coffee table keepsakes.

No word yet on what they can do with Tinder conversations, but there’s always iPhone screenshots for the unprintable.

What do YOU think?? Weird or way cool? Have any online chats worth saving forever in hardcopy form? Make us sniffle by sharing them below!