That’s right Brit + Co. fans, we’re diving head first into the world of men’s style, starting with jeans! You may have caught a couple installments of our Modern Gentleman series where we showed you how to select the perfect man bag and how to properly don a scarf. And perhaps you celebrated National Bow Tie Day last week with a brand new tie!

Now we’re back and onto the topic of how to style jeans. Whether you like ’em slim, bootcut, relaxed or vintage, jeans are every dude’s most basic piece, and a great place to start when trying to up your style game. We brought in men’s editor Matt Galligan to show us all the different ways you can rock a pair of jeans, from cuffing and tucking to tees and tie clips.

1. Relaxed Layers

This is the perfect look for an early autumn day at the beach or in the park. The layers are light and casual, making it easy to mix and match.

Rules: A light hoodie is a great layer and can be made a little more masculine by pairing it with a button down underneath. When rocking flip flops, we recommend a double or triple cuff.

2. Urban Cowboy

Definitely a bold look, taking its cues from the classic Marlboro Man crossed with a Brooklyn indie rocker.

Rules: When going for a look that involves boots, do not cuff your jeans! A little bagginess at the bottom is good. And when going for a checkered shirt, do not tuck.

3. Buddy Holly 3.0

As soon as Matt put this look together, we thought of Weezer’s Buddy Holly video from the mid-90s, but in a way more stylish way.

Rules: Never underestimate the power of the tie clip. This is an easy way to add a dash of old school class to any outfit. For shoes, these oxford bucks are classic. One cuff for this one.

4. East Coast Prepster

Being a prepster isn’t just about J. Crew chinos and Nantucket reds. Tone down a super bright polo shirt with dark jeans and modern boat shoes.

Rules: Tees under polo shirts are ok, as long as they are v-neck. Boat shoes are good with a single or double cuff, depending on whether or not you’ll actually be on a boat ;)

5. Retro Cardigan + Tee

So you still want to wear those old vintage tees you bought at the thrift store in college? We do too! Grow up the t-shirt and jeans look with a basic cardigan.

Rules: Don’t button a cardigan if you’re wearing it with a tee. Make sure you only have one bright color so you don’t look too much like a camp counselor. And a pair of modern high top sneakers are a must! No cuff on this one.

6. The Casual Blazer

That’s right. The Casual Blazer is real, and it doesn’t automatically make you look like a dressed-up frat boy. And it’s not just any old blazer over a tee. This one is made a light linen-like material and oozes casual chic.

Rules: Don’t overcomplicate your outfit. Choose one or two pieces of flair and stick with them. For this outfit, the shoes are where the flair lives. That bright yellow sole is unbeatable, and shouldn’t compete with anything else you’re wearing. For a little extra something, wear a bold watch.

7. In Da Club

We had to throw a Vegas-ready look into the mix. Maybe this isn’t your go-to, but it’s good to know you can wear the same jeans to the beach as you can to the club.

Rules: Untuck that shirt! When it comes to shiny shirts, just say no. Instead, go for a simple black shirt with a bit of flair hidden under the cuff of your sleeve. Pair with dress shoes and a single cuff.

8. Bright Sweaters are Cool!

Rocking a bright v-neck sweater is definitely a risk, but we’re here to show you how to make it work.

Rules: Go for a neutral tie and white shirt to offset the brightness of your sweater. For shoes, we paired another pair of oxford-style shoes with a single cuff.

9. Suit Jacket Repurpose

Did your brother make you buy an entire pinstripe suit for his wedding? Time to mix and match those pieces for everyday use.

Rules: If your suit jacket has flair of its own, pair with a super basic tee. To make this look even more casual, we threw on a pair of boat shoes, no cuff.

10. Channeling Your Inner JT

What, you don’t know who JT is? This look was constructed by the ladies of Brit + Co., and inspired by good old Justin Timberlake. Say what you want about his tunes but the dude has style.

Rules: Wearing a vest is a tricky business. Pair with a light t-shirt and sneaks to make it work.

And there you have it. 10 new ways to rock a pair of jeans! Stay tuned for more on the men’s style front in the next few months here at Brit + Co. If you’re a dude with style questions and/or opinions, leave us a note in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.

Matt Galligan is a craft beer enthusiast, musician, amateur photographer, and the CEO and founder of Circa.