Raise your hand if your brows have seen days where they were more Voldemort than Cara Delevigne. Some of us were just not #blessed with thick, bushy brows, and, well, the brow game just isn’t strong. Luckily, there’s a solution for that: microblading. Microblading is the latest Asian beauty development to hit North American shores, and it promises to give you thicker, bolder brows.

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“Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo alternative to resurrect your brows,” explained Tracy Chavez, the founder of the salon Eye Candy SF. “The service is performed with a small non-motorized handheld wand.” The tool used is called a microblade (duh!), but it isn’t actually a blade. Instead, a row of fine needles are used, which is why this procedure is called eyebrow embroidery, to give you a natural looking set of brows.

The only caveat is that people who have had eyebrow tattooing done are not good candidates. “Because of the scar tissue caused from tattooing, the microblading will not achieve the same results as non-treated brows,” cautioned Tracy.


1. Educate yourself: Brows are a really important part of your face, and it would really suck to have a bad experience, or worse, an eyebrow disaster. “Certified practitioners should have more than a certificate,” said Tracy. “Make sure your practitioner has all of their shots and has passed the OSHA bloodborne pathogens safety requirements.”

2. Be realistic about your expectations: While Brooke Shields’ brows are über-covetable, they may not be for you. “Make sure that you understand what is possible for your face,” said Tracy. “This treatment is remarkable, but we still have to work with what you’ve got. This is to enhance your appearance; it isn’t plastic surgery.”

3. Follow the aftercare rules: “You will need to keep A&D ointment on the brows for approximately seven days so the skin can repair itself,” said Tracy. Also, don’t scrub or pick at your eyebrows.

Young woman getting a permanent eyebrow make up treatment


1. Rush the process: Microblading is done over a 3-4 week period, with each appointment lasting about two hours. “We use a plant-based pigment that will naturally fade in 18-24 months,” said Tracy. “The pigment appears 30-40% darker in the first 2-3 weeks after the procedure. As the area heals, the skin begins to flake off and a beautiful lighter-colored brow is revealed.”

2. Wear makeup: While it’s possible to dip into your makeup bag before your brows are fully healed, it’s best if you just avoid it. “Remember, its basically tiny little cuts,” said Tracy. If you do decide to wear makeup on or around your new brows, be very careful with how you apply and remove your makeup.

3. Be afraid of commitment: One of the wonderful things about microblading is that it’s semi-permanent, not permanent.

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