Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and unless you’re the most organized person on the planet, chances are you’re just beginning to wrack your brain for the PERFECT gift for the mama in your life. And while there are plenty of choices beyond the tried and true card-and-bouquet combo — skill-building classes, pampering experiences and more — sometimes what you’re really going for is the present that leaves your special someone totally and delightedly stunned. And if you’re looking for inspo on that front, look no further than actress Mila Kunis.

Kunis teamed up with Houzz, a home design, decor, and renovation company, to finagle the perfect surprise home makeover for her unsuspecting-parents’ condo. And the video of the process is, oh, maybe the cutest thing ever.

Kunis’ parents have lived in the condo since the family immigrated from Ukraine in the 1980s and, as Kunis puts it, it’s their beloved home base. Moving just isn’t an option… even though, as she describes it, the space had gotten a little worse for wear over the years. And so, Kunis wanted to spruce up the joint to show her parents her gratitude for the beautiful life they created for her.

She said: “Knowing how hard I work now for what I have puts things in perspective for how much harder my parents had to have worked to give my brother and I the life that we have.” No, YOU’RE crying.

The whole renovation video is definitely worth watching, but Mila’s parents’ reaction is a priceless highlight. Pro tip: Make sure you keep a stack of tissues close by.

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