Miley Cyrus is one celeb who doesn’t have any problems talking openly about her life. A while back, the star announced that she is pansexual, meaning that she finds herself attracted to all manner of people, and recently she said she felt gender fluid. In an interview in the UK today, the singer shared that she actually feels “genderless” as well as “ageless.”

In an interview on the show Lorraine, Cyrus told host Ross King that she feels “very genderless. I feel ageless.” She continued, “I’m a spirit soul, not even divided by human beings or animals. I treat the planet with as much respect as possible. There is no us and them — there’s no me and you. I want to be everything and I want to be also nothing. I just want to be able to be myself.”

The “Malibu” singer also said that every version of herself has come together and culminated in who she is today. “I want to be the truest version of myself, but also want to have fun,” she shared.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth _ 2016

Cyrus didn’t hold back when talking about fiancé Liam Hemsworth either.”I ask him sometimes, ‘Do you like being a boy?’ And he’s like, ‘I don’t really think about it.’ And that’s crazy to me, because I think about being a girl all the time. I’m always like, ‘It’s weird that I’m a girl, because I just don’t feel like a girl, and I don’t feel like a boy. I just feel like nothing.’”

Cyrus wants everyone to have the same freedom to be able to express themselves in any way without labels, and that’s something we all should strive for.

(h/t The Evening Standard; photos via Instagram + Rob Kim/Getty)