Things have really been heating up for Miley Cyrus these days. Besides the fact that she’s clearly on-again with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, she’s also starring in a new show for Amazon and will be one of the judges on The Voice when it returns next week. With all that, you would think that Miley would be planning loads of press, but the singer and actress is singing a different tune.

Los Angeles LGBT Center 46th Anniversary Gala Vanguard Awards - Red Carpet

In an interview with Elle Magazine that hits stands later this month, Miley talks at length about her celebrity and how she’s changing the way she does things. She admits that after last winter’s Very Murray Christmas red carpet, she decided that she didn’t want to appear on the stroll again. It left her feeling like her celebrity didn’t make her more important than real issues.

“[A year ago] I had to do the [A Very Murray Christmas] premiere, and I will never do a red carpet again. Why, when people are starving, am I on a carpet that’s red? Because I’m ‘important’? Because I’m ‘famous’? That’s not how I roll. It’s like a skit—it’s like Zoolander.”

Miley Cyrus 2015

It’s not just the carpet that has her thinking, either. It seems as if Miley’s also feeling uncomfortable with her celebrity as it relates to the rest of the world, saying, “For a long time, I couldn’t sleep because I just felt so guilty. I was covered in rashes because I was so stressed. Even today, I dropped my water on my hike and felt like such an a**hole. There are children being sold into sex slavery; how can I go on a hike right now?”

While we’re sure that Miley’s trying to get woke, it sounds more like she’s interested in working out her feelings on celebrity more than anything else.

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