A good beauty DIY is essential to have in your regimen — just ask Mindy Kaling! Last night, the TheMindy Project star posted an Instagram of a DIY mask concoction made especially for her “mega oily skin” that looked like something anyone could whip together in seconds. Based on the photo, it looks like Mindy blended Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (an $8 deep cleaning miracle in a jar that beauty pros like her hairstylist and makeup artist — who recommended the recipe — consider a skin-saving secret) with trusty apple cider vinegar, a pantry staple that has *so* many purposes, including being used as a skin brightener, which we think is the case here. Let’s take this snap as a reminder that it’s not too early to start prepping your skin to beat the dryness and dullness that comes along with fall (ugh, thanks fall).


To zap oil on your face, mix up equal parts healing clay and ACV in a glass or wooden bowl — try to avoid using a plastic mixing bowl. Stir it up until the ingredients have blended and the consistency is a smooth paste. Then apply it all over your face or to your most oily areas if you want to multi-mask and use a couple different treatments. Oh, and *embrace* the slight tingly feeling you will experience; this means the stuff is working. Then just wash it off when you’re done, and don’t freak if your skin is a bit red afterward, either, because this is normal (the clay is powerful stuff) and it should subside in a few minutes. Take it from Mindy, y’all, because she said this mask “really worked.”


Next time you host a girls’ night in, consider mixing up some fun DIY face masks like this one. You probably already have a bunch of skin-loving ingredients in your kitchen to get you started, like yogurt, avocado, eggs, honey, bananas… the list goes on. Just don’t forget to take an epic selfie after you DIY your own face mask like Mindy did ;)

What is your favorite DIY face mask? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

(Featured photo via Angela Weiss/Getty; photo via @mindykaling)