If you’re a minimalist at heart with a taste for trends, you’ll love working the pink color trend into your home design aesthetic. Soft and subtle hues can create a soothing atmosphere, while bright and bold shades provide a refreshing and compelling energy. Proving that pink isn’t all romance and feminine frills, merging this color with a minimalist style sensibility demonstrates just how chic, versatile and sophisticated pink can be. Scroll on to find 10 ways to embrace the pink trend in your minimalist decor.


1. Pink Accented Baby Steps: If you’re not ready to take a giant leap into Pinkland, try out an accent or two to get a taste for it. The beauty of this color is that you only need a little to make a big statement. (via Dream Green DIY)


2. Soft and Sweet: If hot pink isn’t your style, try a softer shade for a completely different vibe. These light coral shelves add just the right amount of interest to a minimalist design. (via My Domaine)


3. Just a Touch: What would otherwise be a dull design is entirely transformed with only a touch of pale pink. If any of your surfaces could use a little more tender lovin’ care, consider a pink coat of paint to spice things up. (via Deny Designs)


4. Matchy Accents: For a cohesive look that isn’t overly romantic, tie your accents together with matching pink tones. It’ll round out your design without making it look like you dipped your room into Pepto Bismol. (via Vera Moraes)


5. Hot Furniture: If you’re feeling extra bright and bold, consider a hot pink piece of furniture. Going this route means you won’t need to spend much time (and $$) on extra decor to make your design stand out. (via Maria Killam)


6. Floral Femininity: Take advantage of the organic relationship between pink and flowers by incorporating them both into your aesthetic for a little modern romance. Let your inspo bouquet guide the rest of your color scheme, with pops of fresh yellow or green. (via Style Me Pretty)


7. DIY Colorful Side Table Stools: Pale pink and citrus are an ultra-refreshing combination. Keep your furniture simple and let this stellar color combo do the talking. (via Vtwonen)

8. Chic and Sophisticated: When you think chic, pink might not be the first color that comes to mind. But when blended with silky grays and hard blacks, it’s the ultimate in pretty sophistication.


9. Pattern Play: Choose a quiet shade of pink and enhance it with bold geometric patterns. This soft and hard contrast gives off all kinds of visual intrigue. (via Kate La Vie)


10. Dreamy Rose: Rose quartz was Pantone’s color of the year for a reason. It can move from the living room to the bedroom with ease, leaving soft and dreamy vibes in its wake. (via Decor Love)

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