Speakers are being built in to everything these days, from shower heads to picnic baskets to rocks — even French bulldog statues. That’s why it’s only natural to integrate them into something that we use daily: a light fixture. You may have seen a speaker-lightbulb hybrid before, but the Mipow Playbulb is pretty incredible.

This brand new gadget allows you to control your light and your music, all from your mobile device or iPad. Just download the free app, available for both iPhones and Androids. The LED bulb itself costs $79 and fits into any standard socket. Oh, and it’s Bluetooth smart; no wires here!

We know, it feels strange to get excited about something as simple as a lightbulb or a speaker. What more can it do besides turn off-and-on? Two words: Energy Timer. The bulb can be set to different modes, all based on a timer that you set from your app. You can turn your lamp into an alarm clock by setting it to switch-on with your favorite wake-up tune. You can also set it to turn-off at bedtime (how eco-friendly of you!), and even dim the brightness (and the music) for late nights. Turn down for what?!

We especially love this bulb for small spaces. No shelf space in that tiny, shoebox apartment for speakers? No problem. Your overhead lamp becomes your speaker with the Playbulb. Talk about space-saving! But one of the coolest features is that you can shake your iPhone to adjust the brightness of the bulb. Sweeeeeet.

Right now, the bulb is available in white, which of course, is the traditional color of a lightbulb. But coming soon to a table lamp near you is Playbulb COLOR! If you want your room to be all shades of awesome (and neon) go help fund their latest Kickstarter project.

What do you think about the Playbulb? Let us know if you’d use the cool hybrid below in the comments!