Since launching last year, Khloé Kardashian’s Revenge Body has been up for major debate. While some celebrate the reality star’s desire to help people feel good about themselves, others feel that the show’s entire premise kills the notion of body positivity altogether, arguing that the idea of a “revenge body” can be “toxic.”

It’s the latter that has fans of model Ashley Graham upset. The plus supermodel appeared on a recent episode of the show, hoping to help one of the contestants regain her confidence as a plus-sized model after an accident. When Graham shared a preview of her appearance on Instagram (obviously excited about her segment), some fans responded quite negatively, questioning why a woman who champions body positivity would be on a show about weight loss.

Graham was brought onto Revenge Body to coach contestant Kelsey Rose, a plus-size model who was feeling dejected after gaining weight following an accident, thus impeding on her work as a plus-sized model.

“Really upset to see you on this show,” one fan wrote. “As a woman I look up to as being body positive and letting everyone know it’s important to feel comfortable in the body you have right now. This show is unhealthy to watch and the idea that you need to change your body (become thinner) to get “revenge” is a horrible concept.”

“So disappointed,” wrote another fan, signing off, “sincerely, one of the millions struggling with eating disorder recovery who really don’t need another player on the wrong team.” Others took their disappointment to Twitter, telling the model she is “canceled.”

Although many may take umbrage with the idea that Revenge Body is only about weight loss, Rose’s journey on the show led to her starring in her own ad campaign for Kardashian’s Good American jeans.

Graham has yet to comment on the criticism, but Rose has via Graham’s initial Instagram post. Replying to some of the negative comments, Rose wrote, “I wanted to get to a place where I felt healthy and curvy, but never to promote that others who are larger need to do the same. I know so many women who are size 20, size 24, size 26 that are gorgeous, but I didn’t feel healthy at that size. Every body is different.”

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(Photo via Karwai Tang/WireImage)