So you have a little bundle of joy on the way鈥 congratulations! With that bitty baby comes a boatload of equipment to buy and one of the big purchases you鈥檙e about to make is a high chair. There are a lot of them on the market, but not all are going to work in your space. There鈥檚 no reason to sacrifice style for utility when it comes to your little one鈥檚 little throne 鈥 you can have both! These 10 beautiful high chairs combine form and function for a modern look that would look great in any dining room.

1. Ovo High Chair ($446): The solid beech wood legs of this chair and the tray table are adjustable to suit your needs 鈥 and chic to bring on the compliments! While this chair is on the pricier end, it might be a worthy investment for your baby and your space.

2. I鈥機oo Pharo High Chair ($179): Also made from beech wood, this chair is made to accommodate children up to 100 pounds, so you won鈥檛 need to switch out your furniture any time too soon.

3. Tripp-Trapp High Chair ($250): This super stylish chair comes in light blue as well, but we鈥檙e loving the modern look of the red. It can adjust and suit kids up to five-years-old.

4. ANTILOP ($20): This inexpensive chair is simple and sophisticated. Gotta love IKEA!

5. Baby Bjorn Chair ($300): This ergonomic high chair will keep your little one comfortable while they鈥檙e learning proper table manners鈥 and looking super fashionable!

6. Stokke Steps ($279): This chair has a lot of different set-ups but they all look chic and are a safe way to keep your little one seated.

7. Inglesina Club Highchair ($102): The seat of this chair is machine washable, guaranteeing that it will stay lookin鈥 good for years (and hand-me-downs!) to come.

8. Kuster K2 Chair ($175): We鈥檙e pretty sure our favorite part of this rad chair is the handy under-the-seat basket for convenient storage.

9. Poppy Plus Highchair ($126): This high chair converts into a toddler chair and table, meaning you鈥檒l be able to hang onto this pretty piece of woodworking throughout your kid鈥檚 early years.

10. BLAMES ($60): Another IKEA find, this chair takes the classic modern black-and-white and runs with it, creating an intriguing silhouette.

How do you combine form and function when it comes to equipping the house for kids? Do you have a favorite high chair to share with us? Talk to us in the comments below!