Trying on makeup just got stupid easy. No more stained-for-the night lips as you test tube after tube of red lipstick, no more foundation swatches swiped across your wrist on your quest to find your skin tone soul mate, and definitely no more wreaking havoc on your skin from your trend trials, color fails and (hopefully) major makeup wins. All of this, and the rest of the annoyances that come along with testing makeup, are history with the ModiFace Mirror, a soon-to-be-in-stores device that can give you a comprehensive, on-the-spot virtual makeover.


Acting as a consultant, makeup artist and personal shopper in one, the ModiFace Mirror helps you find, try on and buy products in minutes just by standing in front of its sleek white screen. Once the mirror captures your 3D image, its augmented reality technology allows you to see what anything from the store’s inventory looks like on you in real time. Scroll through palettes to find eye-catching colors and have them appear perfectly applied to your on-screen self instantly. You can even create entire looks to see if the season’s hottest color combos are worth adding to your IRL stash.


The makeup moves with you in real time. Lean in to inspect how a colored eyeliner goes with your eye color, move side to side to see if you found the perfect blush for your skin’s undertone. You can even peep before and after images — clutch for matching a natural nude lip hue — or pause it at just the right angle to call over your girlfriends for a second/third opinion.


The ModiFace Mirror takes personalization features to the next level too. Its glance-based product recommendations are game changers for beauty newbies, popping up right-for-you product info on the screen after a split-second scan of your features. Or let its shade-matching feature help you find in-stock items that are the exact same color as anything you scan. Think: replacements for discontinued pods, a color cosmetic to match your fave accessory or foundation identical to your wrist.

This revolutionary technology has been building to this point for quite some time. We first learned of ModiFace through its Beauty Mirror app that disappointingly focused on altering perceived imperfections rather than empowering women to feel confident through creative expression. And although those features are still available through the ModiFace’s Skin & Anti-Aging Mirror — now targeted toward serious plastic surgery patients — it’s only been up from there. Since then, ModiFace has teamed up with one very lucky Sephora store and select e-commerce platforms to test versions of this try-before-you-buy technology, and once this full-fledged version hits a store near you, it’s going to change everything about the way we shop for makeup (ICYMI: high-tech strides in fashion retail aren’t too far behind either). We only see one spot left to fill in the ModiFace Mirror’s catalogue: tutorials that can show you how to use that makeup you just bought like a pro (ModiFace, we’ll have our people call your people).

Would you use this smart mirror to shop for makeup? Do you use any virtual makeover apps now? Tell us in the comments below.