You鈥檝e already made it to the middle of the week, so give yourself a pat on the back. While you鈥檙e at it, check out Kim K鈥檚 go-to fast food items, a potential secret White House Twitter account plus more fun stuff in today鈥檚 Buzziest news stories.

1. Kim Kardashian鈥檚 list of favorite fast food items is drooooolworthy. If you鈥檝e been paying attention to Kim鈥檚 Snapchat, you鈥檒l know she鈥檚 currently on a strict Atkins diet, so it鈥檚 possible she鈥檚 been dreaming of indulging in forbidden foods. But instead of heading straight for a drive-through, she鈥檚 channeled the cravings in a more productive way: by letting her fans in on all her favorite fast food treats. 鈥淚 go very rarely, but OMG I love it so much when I decide to indulge,鈥 she writes on her website. Her McDonald鈥檚 go-to is ALWAYS a small fries, plus McNuggets or a cheeseburger. At KFC, she gets the extra-crispy chicken wings and a biscuit with honey. A burrito bowl and a Diet Coke (with LOTS of ice, natch) is her standard Chipotle order. She splits her Taco Bell order into one hard and one soft taco, and at In-N-Out, she gets a cheeseburger with fries, plus a vanilla shake. PHEW. If you鈥檙e also trying to cut back on the fatty stuff, live vicariously through this list. But be warned: It may 100 percent definitely will cause some serious salt cravings. (Photo via Chris Hondos/Getty)

2. Does Sasha Obama have a secret Twitter account? During a campaign stop with Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama was commenting on Donald Trump鈥檚, um, prolific tweeting habits and said that just because Trump can fill 140 characters many, many times a day doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檚 suited to be President. 鈥淓verybody can tweet, but nobody actually knows what it takes to do the job until you鈥檝e sat behind the desk. I mean, Sasha tweets, but she doesn鈥檛 think that she thereby should be sitting behind the desk,鈥 Obama said, and Twitter went CRAZY. The White House declined to provide any further info, and while we鈥檒l go ahead and assume that her account is not likely public, please join us in refreshing this search until it鈥檚 uncovered. We just wanna throw her a like or maybe an RT!

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3. Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham continue to be TOO CUTE. In a new Instagram post, these two take their fitness class meet-cute a step further, doing a boxing workout together. The public reveal of their relationship was sort of the opposite of that other new Hollywood couple (cough cough, Hiddleswift): relatively private, low key and sweet as a love note. These two just might be the real deal.

4. Taylor Swift actually took time out of her own Fourth of July love-fest to celebrate her friends鈥 love too. We learned a few days ago that one of Taylor鈥檚 OG BFFs Abigail got engaged, and we鈥檙e wondering if the eventual wedding might see Taylor back on Maid of Honor duty. If her grand gestures of celebration for her pals are any indication, she鈥檚 certainly making a play for it! In a room full of celebratory banners for Abigail and Matt AND Ed Sheerhan and his girlfriend Cherry (nice photobomb by the way, guys), the crew jammed and sang songs all night. The icing on a pretty amazing weekend-cake!

5. This teenager came out to her family at Disneyland and it was AMAZING. 16-year-old Gina from California recently told Buzzfeed that she鈥檚 known she was gay for about a year and was trying to think of the best way to tell her family. The logical answer? Splash Mountain. 鈥淚 am not the type of person to have a deep, sit-down conversation, so I wanted to tell them in a lighthearted and fun way,鈥 she told Buzzfeed. Her family was fully supportive and the public reactions have been too. TEAR. (h/t Buzzfeed)

6. Quote of the day: 鈥淚 happened to be on Skype with our Executive Producer Julie Snyder, and both of us did exactly the same involuntary thing of sucking in our breath and then putting our hands over our mouths. We weren鈥檛 so much shocked because of the legal arguments, but because it was such a long shot.鈥 Serial host Sarah Koenig reacts to Adnan Syed鈥檚 new trial.

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