It’s January and you’re probably still flat broke from those outrageously expensive holiday flights but hey, you can at least daydream about escaping to some exotic corner of the world, right? If you’re ready for a heavy dose of wanderlust, we suggest you take a look at the 10 most desired Airbnb properties courtesy of the home share co. Even if you can’t afford another vacation until September that might be perfect because we’re guessing these are about to be all booked up until then.

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1. Off the Grid itHouse: If you’re feeling up for some rustic desert vibes, head to this modern spot in California’s high desert (near Joshua Tree) that was noted by Dwell as one of the “Best Homes in America.” If you’re looking for an eco-friendly getaway, this house is totally powered by solar panels for its energy and hot water.

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2. Mini Loft in Rome, Italy: Coming in at the bottom of the list is this mini loft in Rome, Italy. While it doesn’t look like anything insanely cool, the main draw is definitely its affordability. This rental sleeps four, is a 15 min walk to Colosseum and rents for $42 a night. This definitely beats the hostel.

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3. Balian Treehouse with Private Pool: I mean, do you really need to know more than that? Nicknamed “the Mushroom Villa” is only three-minute walk away from the village and beach. The best part? It’s only $76 per night.

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4. Pirates of the Caribbean Getaway: If you’re looking to amp up the kitsch-factor on your next trip, this rental is sure to do just that. Located in Topanga Canyon, CA (just a short drive from LA, Santa Monica and Malibu), this guesthouse sleeps two and comes complete with a jacuzzi, mini waterfalls, and a cozy teepee.

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5. Mushroom Dome Cabin: Head here when that city life gets to be too much and you just need a little time with nature. This a geodesic dome loft in Aptos, CA (a 14-minute drive from Santa Cruz) is pretty much glamping at it’s finest.

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6. Treehouse in Monferrato: Located in San Salvatore Monferrato, Italy, this tree house is kind of the perfect summer vacay spot. The region is known for its wine so there will be plenty of tastings to attend but this listing also includes a garden with solarium and a swimming pool for when you just want to soak up some sun and chill.

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7. Unique Cob Cottage: Want to feel like you’ve been transported into a medieval fairytale? Head to this spot in Mayne Island, British Columbia that was totally created from natural materials. The inside of this amazing space is just as impressive as the exterior but when you want to get out of the house for a bit we recommend taking a leisurely stroll on the farm this rental is located on that’s home to sheep, gardens and orchards.

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8. CasaBARTHEL Treehouse: So it’s official, people really want to stay in treehouses. This one is located in Tuscany and is only twenty minutes’ from the Duomo and one hour from Siena. On this property, you’ll also find olive trees, a kitchen garden, a tennis court and a small swimming pool.

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9. The Seashell House: Okay, well it’s not hard to see why this listing in Cancun, Mexico comes in as the second most desired property on the site. Everything from the showerheads to the headboards stays impressively true to the house’s theme. There is a private pool to get your tan on at or there is a beach across the street. If Ariel ever invested in a beach property, we’re guessing it probably looked a little something like this.

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10. Secluded Intown Treehouse: Coming in at the top of everyone’s wishlist is – you guessed it – another treehouse. This epic space in the sky is located in Atlanta and was recently featured on the hit TV show Treehouse Masters. The treehouse consists of three separate rooms (bedroom, living room and deck), each connected by rope bridges. The most impressive element of this rental though is that it’s actually located just minutes from downtown!

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