MTV VMAs PSA: This Is the Show You SHOULD Be Watching
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MTV VMAs PSA: This Is the Show You SHOULD Be Watching

It’s really no secret that the MTV VMAs will provide an outrageous amount of OMG-worthy moments. There are gonna be unforgettably iconic outfits, endlessly talked-about performances and an assortment of gossip-ready Miley happenings. Oh, and of course some Moonmen will be handed out as well.

But aside from the main show happening onstage, there WILL be action going down in the audience and backstage all night long too. And ICYMI, MTV has given us access to that magic for the past few years with its All Access Live streams, and we are eternally blessed + grateful for it.

After printing out your VMAs bingo card and making it through the red carpet, your next step will be to open up a tab on your browser and keep it up all night long with MTV’s backstage and audience live streams. How else will you be able to share the best-kept VMAs secrets with your coworkers tomorrow morning?!

If the live video catches anything like it has in years past — Rihanna spilling a bucket of popcorn on the person in front of her then blaming it on someone else, Kardashians snapping selfies all night long with celebs they meet, Katy Perry texting while bored at someone’s performance and (most important of all) a dedicated stream on Taylor Swift dancing — we’re in for a MAJOR treat (fingers crossed). So stay in the know and don’t rely on memes and Vines to fill you in by keeping an eye on this live feed all night long.

To fully prep for Sunday night’s action, check out some AMAZING GIFs from the audience at last year’s VMAs on MTVBuzzFeed and People right this second. P.S. You will want to open up another tab Sunday night, our VMAs tag, because we’ll be covering the evening’s shenanigans all night long ;)

Will you be keeping a tab open to watch the MTV VMAs All Access Live audience cam? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via @mtv, MTV, Michael Buckner/Getty + Larry Busacca/Getty)