MudWatt is a brand-new fully functional battery that you charge with mud. No, it really is. Scientist Keegan and engineer and product designer Kevin want to inspire little ones to learn more about the impact they can have on their own environment by experimenting with creating energy with all-natural materials. We already knew about solar power, but mud power is brand new to us. After about a week of charging your mud, you can generate enough power to charge a digital clock, buzzer, thermometer and other smaller electronics.


With their know-how, Kevin and Keegan put together a product that put the power into the hands of students. Not only are students learning about the energy that comes from dirt, but it’s also an exercise in microbiology. Maybe when they’re done they can teach us…

So, how does it work? Well, there are bacteria found in all different kinds of dirt that eat up sugars in the dirt and then expel electrons, creating energy.

mudwatt 2

Want to know more about the bacteria in your soil and how much power your Mudwatt is producing? There’s an app for that. You can even keep your friends and teachers posted on the progress you’re making on your own. So, you can compare and contrast whose mud has the most electron-producing bacteria.

mudwatt 3

Ready to get involved? We know we are. Get on the MudWatt Kickstarter page to get a start on your own homemade charging station and improve the education of little ones at the same time.

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