Whether you are surviving a kitchen renovation, living in a dorm or temporary housing, or just cooking for one and don’t feel like doing a lot of dishes — a mug recipe and a microwave is all you need to be just minutes away from a cooked meal or treat. And, no, we don’t mean leftovers or a takeout menu; we wouldn’t do you like that! Seriously, if you’ve got one of these one-mug recipes and microwave, you are good to go.

You may be accustomed to thinking of your microwave solely for heating up leftovers, however, there’s a reason it’s called an “oven”. With the right ingredients, you can create mini-meals that taste so good you’d think they had been cooked in a pro range oven.

So, where did the idea of meal in a mug originate?

Mug recipes likely got their start on college campuses as dorm-room snacks. In 2005 Betty Crocker jumped on the trend, releasing their line of single-serving bowls of cake mix called Warm Delights, where you’d just add water, microwave, then top your cake with some goodies from a prepackaged envelope. They marketed their mini cakes as Warm Delights, proclaiming: “You’re just three minutes away from heaven!” Dorm room dwellers do not always have bowls around, but almost everyone has a coffee mug at hand. The idea took off, with one-mug cooks everywhere morphing their own delicious dessert concoctions, such as these 21 tempting mug cakes that are way easy to make.

Today mug recipes have moved beyond just cakes. We have mug recipes that will have you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can whip them up with common ingredients, but the end result is uncommonly tasty.

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