You’re never be too young or too old to be a cat lady. For those of us who are cat lovers, we know our kitties can never have too many swanky cat toys or cool clothes. You might even spoil your furry friend by making delicious homemade treats. And our kitties show us love with cuddling and purring. For those of us not #blessed to have a cat in our lives or who are separated from our cats temporarily, there’s a website designed to make any cat person feel right at home. The myNoise Cat Purr Generator is a website and a free app that simulates the sound of a kitty purring. The generator touts itself as “the cat’s purr without the fleas or the cat hair” and produces a sound that’s between 40 and 200 hertz.


The sound is really relaxing in a sort of ASMR-y way. Listening to the “tranquil” purr with headphones simulates almost exactly the feeling of having a kitty curled up on your shoulder…without having a furball actually on top of you. According to studies, cats evolved to purr because it helps them release endorphins, which keep them calm and can promote healing.


A secondhand benefit of purring is that it can also help humans feel more relaxed. Ladies and gentlman, exhibit A: T-Swift and Dr. Meredith Grey. Another cool thing about this website is that you can keep it open on your desktop while you work, because the white noise it generates can help you stay focused.


Does your kitty help calm you down? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photo via @taylorswift + myNoise)