Cat lovers are the Crossfitters of the animal world. And they love to declare their love wherever and whenever they can. Help them to celebrate their favorite creature with these 14 fun feline finds.


1. Ask Me About My Cat Tee ($26): This is a cat lover’s favorite question. Help them spread the word with this sweet statement tee.


2. Set of Cat Glasses ($20): Cute, right? Fun kitchenware is the best kitchenware.


3. Cat Love Stamp Set ($14): If you love something, make a stamp that looks like it (that’s our motto, anyway). Hand-stamped letters, greeting cards, envelopes… the DIY possibilities are endless with this set.


4. Whimsical Cats iPhone Case ($30): Picking a pattern for another person can be tricky, but this case certainly covers all your bases. It even has a zebra-striped cat on it.


5. Retro Pastel Cat Eye Sunglasses ($10): This may not be a direct nod to your friend’s love for cats, but it is clear where the inspiration is drawn from. It also comes in five different hues, leaving room for a slightly customized element.


6. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): Cats generally have independent spirits, so they aren’t always up for cuddling. However, a custom pillow will be huggable forever.


7. Cat Love Stencil Tote Bag Kit ($25): Cats and DIY projects? This calls for a crafting party.


8. Cat Love Pendant ($44): Some wear lockets to display their loved ones, and others just need a little pendant like this one. This kitty is simply adorable.


9. Eaten By the Cat ($5): A sweet sentiment paired with a hilarious disclaimer always makes for a giggle-worthy card. Your S.O. will definitely want to keep this one forever.


10. “Tom the Cat” Wall Hook ($15): Sometimes, a seemingly minor obsession with cats extends to household storage products as well. #noshame


11. Cat’s Meow Print ($17): The 1920s were a time of some seriously excellent phrases. This one has a similar meaning to “the bee’s knees,” which you might have heard more frequently.


12. Cats Gift Bag ($5): What’s a cat-centric gift if it doesn’t also come in a cat-centric bag? Better stock up on this one.


13. Cat Lady Card ($5): Reassure your friend that she isn’t a cat lady yet. And even if she is, that just means that she has extra love in her heart.


14. Purrito T-Shirt ($24): You know us. We’re a sucker for puns (and your cat lover friend probably is too).

Which of these is perfect for the cat lover in your life? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!