It鈥檚 been 16 years since Victoria and David Beckham famously named their oldest son Brooklyn after the location where he was conceived. (TMI, Beckhams!) Many more celebs, including Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger (who named their daughter Ireland), Paris Hilton鈥檚 parents and Kourtney Kardashian (who gave Penelope the middle name Scotland), have opted to name their wee ones after places. You might not see them in the most popular names of 2015, but we predict this geography trend will keep on trucking. Not only are city, country and body-of-water names powerful and memorable, they鈥檙e unisex and make a cute homage to a place that鈥檚 special to the proud parents. So, what are the most popular geography-inspired baby names? We compiled this list from the Social Security Administration鈥檚 baby-name database, leaving out any names that are super prevalent or where the baby name obviously came before the location name (e.g. Charlotte).

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Top 10 Boys Names

1. Austin: Your little guy will be the hippest indie rocker at SXSW in 20 years.

2. Camden: Whether you鈥檙e paying homage to the London borough or the town in New Jersey, this one just sounds regal.

3. Kingston: Follow Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale鈥檚 lead and go with the Jamaican capital for a name.

4. Israel: A Hebrew name from biblical times, Israel means 鈥淢ay God prevail.鈥

5. Trenton: Attention New Jersey lovers! Here鈥檚 another NJ-inspired name that sounds fancy as can be.

6. Dallas: Even if you don鈥檛 let your baby grow up to be a cowboy, Dallas is the perfect name to show your love of all things Southern.

7. Phoenix: Derived from the mythological Greek bird that rose from the ashes to be reborn, this name is inspirational and meaningful.

8. Milan: Who knows, maybe your baby boy will grow up to be a fashion designer!

9. Boston: This solid name connotes culture, history, the Red Sox and, of course, wicked-awesome accents.

10. London: Popular among boys and girls, we don鈥檛 know why this uber classy geographical name didn鈥檛 trend earlier.

Honorable mention: Memphis and Princeton

Not popular yet, but have potential: Zaire and Houston

Top 10 Girls Names

1. Madison: Who knew Wisconsin鈥檚 super cute college town would spawn a generation of Maddies?

2. Brooklyn / Brooklynn: Beckhams aside, it鈥檚 only natural that New York鈥檚 hippest borough would be used as a gender-neutral baby name.

3. Savannah: Savannah鈥檚 weeping willow trees, gorgeous beaches and historic architecture are an inspiration for your little lady鈥檚 name 鈥 even if she鈥檚 not a southern belle.

4. London / Londyn: No matter how you spell it, this name鈥檚 got class.

5. Sydney: Australia鈥檚 largest city serves as a more feminine version of the predominant male name, Sidney.

6. Georgia: The South has it made when it comes to beautifully feminine names. Georgia spiked in popularity in the 1880s and is now seeing a major comeback.

7. Paris: Even if you weren鈥檛 a fan of The Simple Life (but come on, who wasn鈥檛?), the name Paris evokes class and timeless French girl style.

8. Jordan: Switch it up and go with Jordin, a la Jordin Sparks. Or Jordy, after France鈥檚 famous聽baby rapper.

9. Chelsea: Bill and Hilary鈥檚 daughter popularized this name for girls in the 鈥90s. It鈥檚 perfect if your daughter is bound to have boho-chic style like the London and New York neighborhoods of the same name, or if she will aspire to be a go-getter, political correspondent and philanthropist.

10. Bristol: Sarah Palin鈥檚 daughter brought this England-inspired name into the public consciousness back in 2008.

Honorable mention: Cheyenne

Not popular yet, but have potential: Dallas and America

Would you name your baby after a place? What are your favorite names on this geography-inspired list?

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