It’s been a bit of a wild ride for fans of Nashville over the last few years. For starters, the fan favorite was cancelled by ABC while seemingly still in the peak of its prime back in May of last year. Try as we did to stream other shows, it just wasn’t the same. Then, somehow, some way, our prayers were answered, with one network’s loss being another’s gain, and CMT swooped in to pick up TV’s most-loved fallen soldier. Season five premiered in January to much fanfare, but now, fans have been dealt yet another blow, and this is one they might NEVER recover from.

PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 23: Connie Britton attends the "Beatriz At Dinner" Premiere at Eccles Center Theatre on January 23, 2017 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival)

After five seasons as the show’s lead, Rayna Jaymes (played by Connie Britton) was tragically killed off in a plot twist that broke the collective hearts of “Nashies” everywhere. As executive producer Marshall Herskovitz told TV Guide, “I think Connie assumed that the show was over [after being cancelled]. She just felt she needed to move on.” And so, after surviving a car crash some weren’t sure she’d pull through, she was taken to the hospital for surgery, where fans saw her say goodbye to her family before passing away (nooooo!).

Even prior to the show’s airing, rumors were swirling that our gal might not make it through the ep, and fans were NOT having it.

And once the shock event actually occurred, Twitter was all kinds of hot mess.

Some tried to look at the bright side…

But ultimately, today wasn’t any better.

And as for the haters? They have something to say to them, as well:

The best social media response of all, however, had to come from Rayna (AKA Connie Britton) herself, who penned this super sentimental ode to her character.

“Thank you Rayna Jaymes. For your magic and your dignity. And thank you to all the creators of Rayna Jaymes, for there were many. Callie Khouri, who gave her life. Deacon, Maddie, Daphne, who shaped her as her family. Teddy, Tandy, Lamar too. Juliette, Scarlett, Bucky, and the ones who crafted her into a business woman. Along with countless other compatriots and combatants. And then of course, the crew of Nashville, who brought her to life, every crew member in every department who made Rayna live each week. And then there’s the music. T Bone, Buddy, Tim, Frankie, and all the brilliant songwriters who gave Rayna a voice. There was no music, and no Rayna, without you. But finally and most importantly, the fans. You made Ryana. You supported her and loved her and gave her inspiration just as she was able to inspire you. You were the energy source, the power behind her heart and soul and life. Rayna lived for you. And, from the depths of my heart, I thank you, for her and for me. It has been an honor to be a part of that creation. And as I know she would want it, the show must, and will go on. Long live Rayna Jaymes.”

Wow! Thank you, indeed, Rayna Jaymes. Thank you indeed.

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