A home with lots of color is a happy home. Color is a great mood booster and adds a sense of playfulness to any room whether you paint all the walls neon or just play around with neon accent pieces. So whether you gravitate toward a quieter palette or a color-drenched one, working in neon shades is easier than you may think. Here are 30 bright ideas for basking in this brilliant color trend.

1. Pop of Color: Add a jolt to a peaceful tablescape with accessories that are organic in form and invigorating in color. (via Desired Home)

2. Half and Half: Instead of overwhelming the room with neon walls, why not just paint halfway up for a bold statement that doesn’t frighten. (via Pinecone Camp)

3. Turquoise and Coral: The cool blue and orange combo is one of our favorites, especially with those clean furniture pieces and a chic chandelier. (via Furnish Burnish)

4. Stay True to the Theme: Once you pick your favorite shades of neon, try to stay close to the palette to keep the room composed. (via Sweet Cherries Blog)

5. Cheery Retro: Painting all your cabinets glossy turquoise definitely takes commitment, but it totally works in this retro kitchen thanks to the white floors and modern table. (via Pam Kueber)

6. Touch of Color: Sometimes less is more and all it takes are a couple pieces of neon green to add lots of character and a touch of playfulness to this otherwise modern kitchen. (via Organized Clutter)

7. Color Galore: Pardon the image quality, please. This is the happy home of photographer Ingrid Rasmussen, where she surrounds herself with colorful inspiration for her next creative project. (via Seventy-Nine Ideas)

8. Shot in the Dark: Dark shades of gray make a killer background for this particular shade of citron green. The sliding door gives a cool sneaky view of neon, and when you’re not in the mood, you can just roll it out of sight! (via The Design Chaser)

9. Neon Dipped: We’ve seen dipped furniture with tables and stools, but what a fun idea to paint the legs of your bed! Neon green looks incredible peeking out from under the white bedding. (via Deco and Living)

10. Pink and Yellow: Neon and pastel may not seem like they go together, but pick the right shades and you have a girly glam palette that is pretty sophisticated. (via Style Me Pretty)

11. Vivid Dreams: For those craving only a hint of visual energy, subtle neon piping on bedsheets works with virtually every type of decor. (via Real Simple)

12. Paris Deco: This Parisian kitchen is both contemporary and daring while maintaining a timeless elegance. Black and white are a bold contrast to the neon accents. (via Carnet Interieur)

13. Split Complements: In an otherwise traditionally styled living room, the bright chartreuse throw pillows are an unexpected and much appreciated pop of color that keep things from getting too stuffy. (via Architecture Art Designs)

14. Temporary Touches: If you’re waffling about wall color, why not try a temporary stencil? You could go crazy with whatever color struck your fancy and play around with a couple stripes or geometric shapes. (via Hibrid)

15. Excitement Overhead: A playful pendant can act as a focal point, drawing the eye away from messy surfaces. Artwork displaying a rainbow of neons serves as a unifier, making it easy for acid green, orange and hot pink to live together. (via Real Simple)

16. Mismatched Unity: Hooray for a mismatch of dining chairs! We are loving the trend of mix and matching chair styles, and that rustic gray table is the perfect choice to really show off those neon seats. (via Hibrid)

17. Classic Brilliance: Reflective surfaces are excellent for showing off those neon accents, whether that be with mirrors or a really cool silver Jelly Belly coffee table. (via Rachel Reider)

18. Flashback to Chartreuse: Painting the door and door frame is such a delightful and unexpected way to use color! Wouldn’t walking into this kitchen just make you smile? (via Elements of Style)

19. Neon Gallery: Artwork in neon frames somehow manages to look effortlessly chic on this white polka-dotted wall. (via The Design Files)

20. Girly Glam: Are we allowed to say “subtle” and “neon” in the same sentence? This pastel Scandinavian decor is made just a little more colorful with a couple of neon yellow accents. (via Moody’s Home)

21. Pull Up A Chair: Swap in a bright seat at one or both ends of the table. Adding neon throughout the room makes the statement look considered rather than arbitrary. (via Real Simple)

22. Bright Ideas: Neon colors work great with a minimalist decor because there is nothing to clash or overwhelm. Add a few accents to your desk for an energizing workspace. (via Hibrid)

23. Closed Doors: You never know what you’ll find behind closed doors! You’ll feel like you’re in a seashell when you step out of this very modern bathroom into a vibrant pink bedroom. (via Hibrid)

24. Holding Up: It’s amazing how the tiniest pops of color can make a big difference such as these shelf brackets in this otherwise neutral kitchen. (via Homes NZ)

25. Bazaar Style: To avoid feeling overwhelmed by color, repeat the color palette in more subtle shades throughout other aspects of the decor. Here, the bright shades in the graphic floral print are subtly reflected in the striped couch cushions. (via A Life More Fabulous)

26. Naturally Fluoro: Unfinished timber and natural light are the perfect complement to the “un-naturalness” of vivid neon colors. (via The Design Files)

27. Texture Galore: Add texture by mixing up materials and patterns. You might feel like it’s not working at first, but step back and you’ll see the masterpiece. (via Adore Home)

28. Calm Grays: Cool whites and grays tone down the neon colors making them seem much more mature and composed. (via Tages Anzeiger)

29. Funky Humor: Seriously though, who wouldn’t want a ridiculous neon painting of their favorite furry friend? (via Eclectica)

30. Neon on Neutrals: Whoever said neon wasn’t glamorous needs to check out this bedroom. The colors are so saturated that they instantly make you feel awake and invigorated, perfect for getting started in the morning. (via Design Vox)

Will you be trying any neon colors in your home? Let us know in the comments below!