Seasoned foodies know that behind most dishes is a fascinating story. The ingredients, the development of the recipe, and the background of the people who made it all enhance the narrative. Nobody knows that better than Momofuku Restaurant Group founder, David Chang. He stars in the documentary series Ugly Delicious, now streaming on Netflix, which dives deep into diverse cuisines. Keep reading to find out why you should add all eight episodes to your queue.

it鈥檚 not just about coq au vin 鈥

The days of telling stories only about European-centric cuisines are over. At least, we hope. Chang speaks with Black, Asian, Hispanic, and female chefs to put the spotlight on Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, and more foods.

鈥 or super-famous chefs

Chang and his co-founder of Lucky Peach magazine, Peter Meehan, along with other guests address forgotten foodway histories without shying away from hard-hitting questions like immigration. In one episode, we learn how co-founder of South Philly Barbacoa, Cristina Martinez, walked to the United States from Mexico through the desert. Even with a spot as Bon Appetit鈥檚America鈥檚 Best New Restaurant in 2016, she and her husband worry about their future here.

鈥 or fancy restaurants.

While we wouldn鈥檛 turn down a reservation at French Laundry, we aren鈥檛 snubbing our nose at fast food 鈥 and neither does Chang. He offers viewers a slice of the behind-the-scenes operations of Domino鈥檚 Pizza and visits China to explore the country鈥檚 love of KFC鈥檚 fried chicken.

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