Ah, New Year’s Eve. It’s time to celebrate by putting on something sparkly, gathering all your girls, and heading out for a Champagne-fueled night of just about anything. But when you’re a new mom, that usually means now you’re spending New Year’s with your newest — and littlest — love. While bottle-service bubbly may be out, these tamed-down, tot-friendly ideas are definitely in.

A toddler dresses up for New Year's Eve

1. Dine Early: There’s no reason to turn into a complete shut-in just because you’re a new parent. Plenty of mommies (and daddies) go out with their babies. But that doesn’t mean your little one wants to be in a noisy bar late at night. Swap the loud holiday night out for one a bit more low-key by making early reservations for a family dinner. You’ll beat the crowds and, bonus, you might even get to the restaurant early enough for the senior special!

2. Noon Year’s Eve: New Year’s Eve only comes once a year. But there’s something that’s even more precious than the holiday — sleep. The baby’s asleep at midnight, and you should be too. Staying up late just to wake up again for a 4am feeding isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of festive holiday fun. If your little one is actually sleeping through the night, switch midnight for noon and have a brunch-time celebration.

3. At-Home Eatery: Your baby is in the midst of one of those “I’m going to cry for hours on end” phases, so going out isn’t exactly an option right now. You don’t have to resign yourself to a frozen pizza, sweats, and leftover apple juice. Cook a gourmet dinner (or order one in), dress up in your fave festively fab outfit, and picture yourself eating in a cute little bistro.

A baby enjoys holiday lights

4. Dance Party: Gone are the nights of dancing with your partner in a club. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit and stare at a wall on New Year’s Eve. Have an all-family dance party in your living room. If baby is still awake, hold them close and sway along to your favorite songs. If they happen to fall asleep early, put on a few old-school slow jams and get romantic with your S.O.

5. Family Fest: You aren’t the only parent on the planet. Get your mom-friends together (with their kids in tow too) and throw a family-friendly New Year’s Eve party. Make it an early evening by scheduling a late-afternoon start time. Instead of trying to cater to every individual kiddo’s cuisine needs, potluck it — invite your guests to bring something that their family will enjoy. Call it a night before the clock strikes 12, ensuring that the little ones are home in time to get some zzz’s.

6. Movie Night In: There are plenty of ways to spend NYE, and they don’t all have to involve a club, a bar, or free-flowing Champagne. Download a few of your favorite holiday-themed movies, make a popcorn buffet with toppings galore, and spend the night cuddling with the loves of your life.

7. Mocktail Magic: You’re not into the pump-and-dump mentality. (Plenty of mamas don’t want to waste their liquid gold.) But that means your standard New Year’s Champagne party is out. Instead of a bounty of bubbly, nix the alcohol and enjoy a mocktail night. Turn your living room or dining room in your home bar, mix up non-alcoholic mocktails, and spend the eve sipping tasty bevs with your honey.

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