Once upon a time, you needed a wall outlet to charge your phone. Not anymore! There so many different kinds of ways to stay powered up these days. From wireless and sustainable chargers to energy-saving chargers and even a phone that gives you 200% battery life, technology is definitely making it easier to stay connected. Headed to the market soon is Nikola Labs’ renewable energy smartphone case, which brings the “wasted” energy transmitted through your phone into a harvester and then converts it into renewed energy. Cool, huh?!


Because there is no clunky hardware associated with it, the case is inherently lighter and slimmer than most. And it doesn’t give a mega-charge burst of energy to the phone, but rather helps prevent the quick drainage of battery by continuously recharging it. The energy, which is taken from radio waves like WiFi, LTE and Bluetooth signals, helps your phone battery last 30% longer.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.24.49 AM

The Kickstarter campaign hasn’t launched yet, but we’re all over this. Renewable energy, technology and sleek style? How could we resist!

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(Photos via Nikola Labs)