Here at Brit HQ, we’re nuts about no-sew projects, especially when it comes to recycling our wardrobe. We’ve shown you needle and thread-less ways to hack your skirts in the past, and now we’re branching out to seasonal essentials with these 20 no-sew styles fit for fall. You know what they say: reduce, reuse, and rock it out!

1. No-Sew Layered Top DIY: Most of us spend the entire season trying to achieve the ultimate layered look. But we think we just struck gold on that front with this versitile no-sew top. (via Always Rooney)

2. Polka Dot Infinity Scarf: Can you guess what this posh infinity scarf was made out of? Whether you let this soft scarf drape down or loop it snug around your neck, these gilded polka dots are sure to make it pop. (via Sugar & Cloth)

3. No-Sew Faux Leather Wrap Skirt: This chic, minimal look also requires minimal effort to make! The faux-leather fabric and modest hem line make this skirt incredibly modern however you wear it. (via Tales of Love and Chocolate)

4. No-Sew Sweater Boots: Get cozy with this shoe hack that turns mid-rise boots in to leg warmers. We’re definitely adding this no-sew makeover to our list of must-try boot DIYs. (via la vie en rose)

5. Customized Maxi Dress: Who says no-sew projects can’t be extremely glamorous? Metallic studs, safety pins, and fringe trim make this chopped maxi dress totally wow-worthy. (via High on DIY)

6. DIY Wool Poncho: You’ve got exactly one yard of fabric to transform in 30 minutes: what are you gonna do? The answer, turn it into a 1970s-style poncho, of corse! Surprisingly, this ain’t no Project Runway challenge, it’s just the creative minds behind one of our favorite DIY blogs of all time. (via A Beautiful Mess)

7. No-Sew Scalloped Shorts DIY: This no-sew project gives hope to high-waisted, pleated shorts at thrift stores everywhere! They go from 80s office commuter to on trend with just a few snips of the scissors. (via Here’s Looking At Me Kid)

8. No-Sew Twisted and Oversized Beanies: Did you know there’s more than one way to make a beanie? You can go grunge with a slouchy, oversized beanie, or take a more boho-chic route with a twisted turban vibe. Mind blown! (via Anne or Shine)

9. Flannel Shirt Skirt: Fall is the time to bust out your plaid. And this year, why not give one oversized flannel the makeover of its life by twisting it into a skirt? You can also try with your patterned cardigan like we did a while back. (via Park & Cube)

10. Needle Felted Sweater: No folding, cutting, or gluing is required in this sweater hack: only colorful wool roving and a needle felting kit. Once you get this technique down, why not try it to make shoulder panels or elbow patches? (via Brit + Co.)

11. Yarn Scarf: If you’ve ever tried to pick up knitting and it just didn’t take, here’s a way to use up that old yarn with no purling necessary! The only steps you need to know to make this colorful and cozy scarf are knot, twist, and braid. (via Amy Bayliss)

12. Five Minute Draped Vest: No sew hacks don’t get much more simple than this five minute draped vest. Once you get your hands on the perfect XL tshirt, you’re only four cuts away from tossing on this flowy layer. (via WobiSobi)

13. DIY Mitten Gloves: Just cut the feet off of knee socks to get these comfy fingerless mittens. We love how this basic DIY jumps to the next level with scattered beads and sequins, but you’ll have to bust out a needle and thread to make it happen. So why not try gluing on crystals, jewels, and gems to keep this no-sew true to form? (via Plan B Anna Evers)

14. No-Sew Sweater to Cardigan: Not only did this blogger turn an old sweater into a cardigan with just one cut, but she went the extra mile and painted on these cool geometric shapes—and it totally paid off. Now you know how to earn serious style points with the Brit + Co crew. ;) (via Korrine Wojcik)

15. DIY Zipper Jeans: You cannot let the season pass without trying this amazing no-sew DIY. We just want to know, will you go with the traditional side zip? The trendy front zip? Or the cool calf-flashing back zip? (via Henry Happened)

16. DIY Tshirt Restyle: The oranges, purples, and greens in this tee just scream fall. So why not spruce up this basic for the season? (via Fine & Feathered)

17. High-Low Skirt: The high-low hem trend hasn’t quite bitten the dust, so there’s still time to jump aborad, no-sew style. Try this technique with flowy skirts for a flirty result, or to make it even more fall-ready, make the cut on a patterned maxi. (via A Beautiful Mess)

18. DIY Cut Out Shirt: Here’s another way to amp up a boring button down. Once you’ve traced your pattern onto the blouse, then trimmed and glued the edges, you’re left with a garment that is guaranteed to turn heads. (via Plan B Anna Evers)

19. No-Sew Peplum: Made us look: This no-sew peplum is actually a waist belt! It’s a super smart way to make your wardrobe more versatile, as well as not fully commit to trends that may fade away fast. (via Tasha Delrae)

20. No-Sew Stamped Scarf: We’ll end this roundup with an accessory made for no-sew hacks: the scarf. This scrap of fabric has simply been stamped in a beautiful contrasting royal blue, and now it looks like something you could buy from Anthropologie. No-sew FTW! (via Design*Sponge)

What’s your favorite fall-appropriate no-sew style? Did we miss any amazing hacks? Talk to us in the comments below!