Ladies and gents, we’ve ALL been there. You’re over-analyzing a text you received from your guy or gal that leaves you scratching your head for answers. “What is the *true* meaning of this extremely vague text!?!?!,” you wonder. It can leave you in a confused and hopeless state before you can even muster up the courage to think of a reply. People often say you can’t really understand someone’s true delivery + tone via text (or email), but this new app called Nod — featured as an iTunes Best New App — aims to elevate your emoji game (we know you love ’em) and overall messaging standards.


Nod is a brand spankin’ new messaging app developed from the folks at if(we), a social product company and incubator based in San Francisco. It’s designed to make texting more meaningful (and fun and hilarious and entertaining). This nifty app offers literally millions of highly expressive, animated and totally customizable emojis for people to more accurately express themselves when words just won’t cut it. Options include everything from hair styles + colors to skin tone, apparel and accessories. The app features a custom keyboard and the normal messaging features you’re accustomed to, like text, photos and links.


So, back to that vague text you haven’t replied to… ;)

How about responding with an animated avatar of yourself winking? You will leave zero room for interpretation about how you’re feeling. If you want to be a bit more coy with your response, consider sending a Nod of yourself putting on some swaggy sunglasses. If you really want to show him/her who’s boss, send the “make it rain” money shower Nod, my personal favorite.


Oh, fun fact! Today is World Emoji Day — REJOICE, emoji users of the world — and the reason today, July 17th, has been dubbed as such is because today’s date is permanently displayed on the emoji calendar icon. Here’s how we recommend you celebrate:

1. Download a brand new emoji set or app and only speak in emoji all day. Go on, we dare you.

2. Study the first-ever emoji report so you can stay informed! ;)

3. Start thinking about your emoji Halloween costume NOW!

Are you going to take texting to the next level with Nod? Let us know what you think in the comments below!